SAW Center Receptionists

In addition to its peer mentoring staff, the SAW Program hires students to work as receptionists in the Speaking, Arguing, and Writing Center. SAW Receptionists serve as the hosts and the hub of the Center – greeting visitors, scheduling appointments, and ensuring the space is tidy and welcoming. This position offers MHC students the opportunity to develop excellent communication and leadership skills.

For the role of receptionist, SAW seeks students who are friendly, detail-oriented, and utterly reliable. Receptionists must be able to put others at ease and speak clearly and confidently in person and over the phone. They must also be able to learn and navigate the online scheduling system with facility. While strong interpersonal skills are essential, this position does not require special expertise in writing or mentoring, as the receptionist is not expected to conduct SAW mentoring sessions.

SAW Center receptionists are hired on an as-needed basis. SAW regularly has several receptionists who each work between six to ten hours per week. Interested students may watch for hiring alerts on the Speaking, Arguing, and Writing Program page and JobX, or contact the SAW Program Coordinator to be put on a notification list when positions become available.