Resources: Guides & Handouts

The SAW Program aims to provide students with a variety of relevant writing and public speaking resources. The categorical sections below lead to printable handouts and other materials to assist students in their development as strong communicators.

Drafting and Writing

Writing for College

Tips for Academic Writing

Writing Your Paper in Stages

Introductions and Conclusions


Revising and Proofreading

Strategies for Editing and Proofreading


Grammar and Punctuation

Basic Rules of Punctuation


Clarity and Style

Strategies for Improving Sentence Clarity



Tips for Critical Reading


Discipline-Specific Writing

Writing in the Humanities

Writing in the Social Sciences

How to Write a Science Lab Report


Public Speaking

Public Speaking Tips

Elements of Speechwriting

Organizing and Outlining Your Speech

Effective Body Language

Effective Vocal Delivery

Transforming Anxieties: Exercises for the Body and Mind

Evaluating Public Speaking: The Evaluator’s Role

Evaluating Public Speakers: Questions to Consider