SAW Presentations

In order to accommodate all classroom requests, you are encouraged to submit your request at least one week prior to your preferred date. Once your request is processed, you will receive a confirmation email message which includes the date, time, and SAW representatives scheduled to visit your class.

SAW welcomes requests for multiple course sections. In order to keep accurate statistics for our records, please submit a separate request for each individual class.

SAW Presentations and Workshops

SAW Introduction: Often requested at the beginning of the semester, this 15 minute presentation is designed to serve as an overview of the SAW Center’s services. Included in this presentation are tips for getting the most out of a SAW session, how to book an appointment, and how to navigate our web-based resources. Our goal throughout this presentation is to help better prepare students for utilizing the resources we have to offer at the SAW Center. There will be time for student and faculty questions at the end of each presentation.  

The Basics of Public Speaking: This 60 minute workshop will provide attendees with an overview of the most critical elements to becoming an effective communicator and public speaker. Presenters will focus on the concepts of communication and self-awareness. Additionally, the workshop will provide students with an opportunity to learn about public speaking best practices and how to include contextual factors when delivering a presentation or communicating in group settings. Among others, specific topics include characteristics of effective communication, preparing notes for public speaking, strategies for building confidence, vocal delivery and body language, and effective use of PowerPoint and other visual aids. This workshop can be customized for individual courses and can be extended to include time for in-class exercises. 

Please submit separate requests for each course section.
Please include building and room number.
To better serve a variety of classroom needs, please list two convenient dates for us to visit your class.
To better serve a variety of classroom needs, please list two convenient dates for us to visit your class.
Is the classroom mediated/equipped with a computer and projection screen?
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