Frequently Asked Questions

How are documents, parcels, pieces of equipment delivered to me?

Shipments for Math and the Sciences, deliver directly to the Science Center Stockroom, Carr G27. Stockroom personnel process, then stored for pick-up by the recipeint.

How does this differ from items sent via the US Postal Service (USPS)?

Campus Mail Services handles all items sent via USPS as well as intra-campus mail.

What is the recommended “Ship To” address format? Do I need to include reference to the Science Center Stockroom?

DO NOT reference the Stockroom in the address. Please use the following preferred format . . .

<Owner’s  Name > -  for a chemical, this should be the faculty member who “owns” the product

<Room Number> -  for a chemical, this should be the storage location

<Building>  - for a chemical, this should be the building where it will be stored


Mount Holyoke College

50 College Street

South Hadley, MA 01075

If you need to “condense” the address, ensure name and department are included in the final version.

What if my student is expecting a parcel in connection with her research project, should I modify the “Ship To” address?

No. Keep the shipment in your name, and then sort it out when the parcel arrives. Including her name might cause confusion and possible misdirection, to Blanchard.

The shipment I'm anxiously awaiting, has failed to arrive. How can I find out where it is?

If it’s been shipped by small parcel carrier, find out the Tracking Number. Another approach, if the item was purchased, is to start with the Sales Order Confirmation number and contact the person in the Customer Service Dept.

When does FedEx (UPS) (DHL) arrive?

Typically, the small parcel carriers arrive between 10 am and Noon. Note, however, FedEx-Ground service usually arrives after 1 pm.

Is there anything special which needs to be done if large/ heavy pieces are to being sent to me?

Get the Stockroom involved well before the expected delivery date to minimize chances of delay and possible extra delivery charges. While most palletized deliveries are uneventful, certain dock restrictions here, involving the weight, height and/or width of the shipment, need to be taken into consideration BEFORE a delivery attempt is made.

Do I need to sign for a parcel? The DHL (FedEx) (UPS) delivery person says the Stockroom is closed.

As a general guideline . . . please DON’T sign for a parcel. Rather, direct the delivery person to wait until Stockroom personnel return (typically just a few minutes)…or request that they return later. If you find that must sign for something, please email or leave a handwritten note.

I know Merriam-Graves is our preferred supplier of compressed gases and cryogenic liquids. When do they deliver? How is the order placed? Do I need to handle the tanks myself?

Merriam Graves is on campus twice per week; Wednesday and Friday. The driver delivers the product directly to the room where it is used/stored and, at the same time, removes the empty tank(s). Merriam Graves will accept a credit card order using the MHC Purchasing Card. This is the preferred method.