International Payments

We use peerTransfer

  • Save time and money on educational payments
  • You get fast, simple and cost-effective wire transfers
  • From any country
  • Any time

Payment can also be made on a U.S. Bank using ePayment as an alternative to wiring payment.

Wire Instructions

For bank and account information please contact Student Financial Services.

  • Please be certain that your name and purpose of payment is included in the transmittal.
  • Be sure the transfer is in U.S. dollars.
  • The amount that the bank charges to transfer funds will have to be added to the amount to be transferred. This is to cover fees that the clearing bank charges.

For example:

  • Enrollment Deposit $300
  • Bank charges $ 50
  • Total Amount Transferred $350
  • Check with your bank to get the actual fee. If they don’t know, estimate high. Any part of the estimate not used for bank charges will be credited to your account at Mount Holyoke.