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Notification of Financial Aid Eligibility

Students whose applications are complete by the February 15 deadline will receive an email with financial aid eligibility information in mid to late June. Students who completed their application after February 15 will receive eligibility notifications starting in mid-June and throughout the summer. 

Application Process:

U.S. citizens and permanent residents: Must re-apply annually for financial aid. Both the FAFSA and the Profile are required to apply for need based financial aid from Mount Holyoke and are due February 15. If you are applying for federal aid only, than just the FAFSA is required; the FAFSA may be filed at any point during the academic year.

International students: do not reapply for financial aid.  

Merit aid: renewed automatically for students in good academic standing.

Frances Perkins Students: please see the Frances Perkins Application Requirements.

Application Requirements 

To receive full consideration for need-based institutional funds be sure to follow these application requirements:

  1. View your requirements on financial aid online. Check periodically as requirements may change.
  2. Look for our email reminders sent to your MHC email; We do not mail/email reminders to parents so please share this information.
  3. Meet the February 15 due date: This is important so that any financial aid you may be eligible for can be applied to your student account in a timely manner. Applications completed after July 15 may not receive full consideration for institutional funding.


  1. FAFSA: MHC school code: 002192
    The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for federal financial aid including grant and loan assistance. When filing the FAFSA, we strongly recommend that you choose the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer student and parent federal tax income information directly into your FAFSA. You may return to your FAFSA and select this option if you did not chose it initially. (How to complete the FAFSA, including using the DRT.)  
  2. CSS PROFILE:  MHC code 3529
    The PROFILE is used to determine eligibility for need based institutional financial aid. (Do not file the PROFILE if applying for federal aid only.)  If your biological or adoptive parents are separated, divorced, or were never married and do not live together, your noncustodial parent must also complete the PROFILE. For more information please review our non custodial parent policy.
  3. Federal Tax Returns and W2 Forms
    Federal Tax returns, all schedules including business returns if a business is owned, and W2 forms are required from all current students and their parent(s). Non-tax filer statements are required if a federal tax return was not filed. Federal tax returns or non-tax filer statements should be uploaded to IDOC, the College Board's imaging service. Do not email or FAX federal tax documents or any documents containing social security numbers to our office. Check financial aid online to view your specific requirements.

Federal Verification

To comply with federal regulations, we must collect additional documentation from students who are selected for verification. (Selection occurs by the Department of Education after the FAFSA has been filed.) This documentation consists of a completed and signed academic year specific Verification Worksheet and, if the FAFSA IRS Data Retrieval Tool was not used, a signed federal tax return or a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS. If you have been selected for verification, the Verification Worksheet will appear as a required document under your financial aid online document tab. You may click on the document link and then print and complete the document.

Important note:

  • Make sure the FAFSA and the PROFILE are e-signed and correct social security numbers are used.
  • Students on leave planning to return for the fall and/or spring semester should still complete all requirements by February 15.