Financial Aid Online Help

Note: If you are an admission applicant, in order to be able to sign in to Financial Aid Online you must have received your User Application Summary Name from Admission and an email from SFS regarding your financial aid application.

If you receive any of the following error messages, please follow the solutions provided below. Additional information is provided below.

“We are unable to activate your account. Please contact your financial aid office, refer to Code IA”
This message occurs if you have previously signed in, or partially completed the activation process, and are now trying to sign in as a “First Time User.”  To sign in, please enter your User ID, (your Admission Application User Summary Name), and then click the link labeled “Forgot your Password?” Please follow the instructions. (Current students: your User ID is the prefix to your MHC email account address.)

"Invalid user account. Please contact you financial aid office for assistance"
This message occurs when you click “Forgot Your Password” but you have never fully signed in.  If you get this message enter your User ID, (your Admission Application User Summary Name), and then click on “First Time User.” (Current students: your User ID is the prefix to your MHC email account address.) Please follow the set up instructions.

"Your Verification information cannot be validated. Please contact your financial aid office for assistance."
To successfully sign in, your verification information (last name or date of birth) must exactly match the information we have in our system. Please be sure to use the correct information and that you enter your birth date in the format indicated in the instructions.

If you have forgotten your password or would like to change it:
If you have succesfully signed in previously, click the “Forgot your Password” in the log in box and follow the instructions.

If you continue to have trouble after following the instructions above:
Please contact us; we will walk you through the sign in process or reset your password temporarily.

Forms are available on FAO:
You can download many requested documents from the Forms section of our website or from your documents section in Financial Aid Online.

Viewing your financial aid:
To view your financial aid and budget click the "Financial Aid & Budget" tab once you have signed in. (This tab is only visible if you have a financial aid package.)

If you can no longer view your "Financial Aid & Budget" tab:
If you have viewed your financial aid but the tab is no longer visible then your financial aid is being revised. You will receive an email notifying you when you may view the revision on Financial Aid Online.

Financial aid for the next academic year:
Currently enrolled students will be able to see their financial aid eligibility for the upcoming academic year in mid June if all documents are complete by May 1. Be sure to select the correct academic year under "Current Award Year" in the upper right section of the "Home" page. 

Not all loans are visible under the "Loans" and "Loan History" tabs:
The Federal Direct Stafford Loans (FDSL), Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), and MEFA loans are listed on the Loans page. Federal Perkins loans are listed on Loan History page but not in the Loans page. Non-federal loans are grouped together on the Loan History page. Note: A "Loans" tab is visable only if you have a student loan in that current academic year.