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Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for federal financial aid. If you are applying for federal aid only, the PROFILE is not required. (The 2015-16 FAFSA is available starting January 1, 2015.)

Apr. 15 Apr. 15 Feb. 15 March 1 Nov. 1

College Board PROFILE 
The PROFILE is used to determine eligibility for Mount Holyoke need based aid. If applying for federal aid only, the PROFILE is not required. 

Noncustodial PROFILE*

Dec. 1 Jan. 1 Feb. 15 March 1 Nov. 1

2014 Federal Tax Return all schedules, W-2s; Include corporate returns if applicable.
(ED applicants, see below.**)

Submit federal tax documents to IDOC after 2/1. Please chose to upload your documents to the IDOC site, rather than mailing them, for more efficient processing.

Dec. 1 Jan. 1 March 1 March 15 Nov. 1

*The Noncustodial PROFILE is required from students whose biological or adoptive parents are not married to each other unless the parents are living together. In that case, financial information for both parents should be included on the PROFILE.

**Early Decision applicants who are applying for institutional need-based grants should submit the 2013 federal tax return directly to our office for initial review; to receive a finalized financial aid package, the 2014 tax return must be submitted to  IDOC by April 15. Financial aid eligibility may change upon review of the 2014 federal tax return.

Late Applications: We will accept late applications however, students whose applications are completed after the deadline may not receive financial aid eligibility information at the time admission decisions are released.