Student Accounts and Billing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How are students notified of the tuition bill?

Approximately the 10th of each month, students receive an email that their online ebill is ready to view. The link in the email will take them to a my.mtholyoke login page. From there they choose Course Registration & Bill Payment from the self service menu and then under Student Account and Payment choose “TouchNet View and Pay eBill” to enter the TouchNet site. Authorized users (parents/sponsors added by the student) will receive an email with the link to the TouchNet.

Who receives the bill?
The bill is available online to students and those students have designated as authorized users. Students and authorized users receive an email notification when the monthly bill is ready to view. The July and December bills include semester charges. Students should add parents or others as authorized users who are responsible for payment. IMPORTANT: In order for SFS staff to discuss any details of the student's bill with anyone other than the student, the person must be an authorized user.

How do students add parents and other sponsors as authorized users?
After logging into my.mtholyokechoose Course Registration & Bill Payment from the self service menu and then under Student Account and Payment choose “TouchNet View and Pay eBill” to enter the TouchNet site. In the My Profile Setup section, under Authorized Users, the student chooses “Add Authorized User” and enter a valid email address.  Students can give authorized users permission to view the billing statement and account activity and/or view the payment history and account activity.  Authorized users will be notified by email that they have been added and advised of their temporary password. Authorized users log in to TouchNet using the instructions provided, their email address and temporary password. 

Authorized users receive an email notification each month when the bill is ready to view. (Provided the student selected that option for the user.)  Authorized users can update their email address used for notification and save ACH payment information. Students may set themselves up as authorized users using their Mount Holyoke or a different email address, thereby having the choice of logging in through my.mtholyoke or through the TouchNet site directly.

How do students remove an authorized user?
Students can disable authorized users by choosing “Action” for the authorized user and “Delete”.

What does the bill show?

The bill shows charges and credits in detail for the prior month as well as past due balances and the balance due. The July and December bills will include semester charges for tuition, room and board, and the Student Government Association (SGA) fee. The annual health insurance fee is billed for the full year in July; spring entrants are billed for seven months of coverage with the December bill.

Why doesn’t the balance on the bill match the current balance?

The bill balance is based on one point in time. The current balance will also reflect charges and credits since the bill was generated.

What if I need access to a prior bill?

The eBill is a convenient way for students, parents and other sponsors to view the bill online any time. Students or authorized users can print the official bill from TouchNet for their records or other agencies.  They can also view current and past bills  and view all Student Account Activity.

Why doesn't the financial aid (pending or credited) showing on my.mtholyoke match up with my recently revised financial aid award information?

There may be a time lag between the financial aid revision and the crediting of the student account system.  Check back in a day or so and it should be resolved.

How do students or authorized users pay the bill?
Students and authorized users should print or download the bill first for their financial records. The top portion of the bill can be returned with check payment, or students and authorized users can use the online payment option. Our other payment options will also continue to be available (Payment Plan, wire transfers, and/or educational loans).

How do users save payment methods?
If ePayment is used, users can save the payment method for future use at the time they make the payment by “naming” the payment method. Only the authorized user will have access to viewing/editing the payment methods set up in that authorized user’s record. 

When will late fees be applied?
Payment must be received by the due date to avoid late charges. Bills will be generated within the first 10 days of each month; the due date will be the last day of the month. Late fees of 1% per month will be assessed on past due balances (balance forward) before each monthly bill is generated.  Financial aid and certified loans that have not yet disbursed will display as pending aid for the first three bills of each semester. In those months, late fees will only be charged on balances due after pending aid is applied. Pending aid will expire in late September and late February. At that point, late fees will be applied on all past due balances regardless of the expectation of outstanding aid or loans.

How does pending aid affect the balance? 
Bills with pending aid (expected but not yet disbursed, such as loan funds or expected outside scholarships) show a balance with the pending aid taken into account. At the end of September and the end of February, pending aid is no longer taken into consideration when determining the balance due. All required documents should be submitted and promissory notes and entrance counseling completed by the end of the first month of each semester. Once pending aid is no longer considered, late fees may apply.

Why hasn’t my pending aid disbursed?
Financial aid may not be disbursed until all verification is complete and all required documents have been received; loans may not be disbursed until promissory notes have been received and the loan has been certified.

Note: work study will never appear as pending aid since students earn those funds and are paid directly. If a student is expecting a scholarship from an outside source that has not been credited by the September bill in the fall or the February bill in the spring, please call 413-538-2291 or email Student Financial Services, as paperwork may be missing from the file.

For the fall semester, all required paperwork should be received and promissory notes signed by September 30 to assure that all aid and loans can be disbursed by the time the October statement is generated. For the spring, the notes should be signed by February 15. Pending aid is only displayed in the first three billing cycles of each semester. Once pending aid expires, late fees are applied on all past due balances regardless of the expectation of outstanding aid or loans.

When do registration holds, room draw holds, and transcript holds take effect?
Registration holds and room draw holds take effect when a student has a significant past due balance. A student may not register for the next semester, add or drop classes, participate in the room draw or receive her diploma until her past due balance is paid in full or satisfactory payment arrangements are made. Transcript holds are invoked for any current student with a past due balance of $100 or more. Former students may not order transcripts unless the balance is paid in full.

What happens if I don’t receive notification of the bill?
Bills must be paid by the due date to avoid late charges. The email notification is sent to students and authorized users when the bills are ready for viewing. Students are responsible for making sure electronic mailboxes are not over quota and that spam filters are not excluding emails from The MHC email is used for official communication to students including billing notification. We expect all students to check their campus email and Mount Holyoke accounts regularly and, even if email notification is not received, to check for a bill within the first week to ten days of each month.

I am a first-year student. Where is my $500 enrollment deposit?
The enrollment deposit is NOT in addition to tuition costs. It is a payment that you make in advance to hold your place in the class.  The $500 will be applied to your first semester bill, reducing the cost by $500. 

Why am I billed for health insurance? I already waived it last year!
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all regular full-time students be billed for injury and sickness insurance. Domestic students who have comparable coverage with a U.S. insurance carrier and who do not wish to accept this coverage must complete the online Gallagher Student Risk Waiver Form by the waiver deadline for the health insurance charge to be reversed. You will be billed each year and must verify coverage each year in order to waive the insurance.

Students who have been covered under Mass Health should not waive health insurance, especially in the year in which they turn 20 years old. Mass Health will not cover students who are eligible for campus health insurance and may drop coverage in the middle of the academic year when student dependents turn 20 or are audited for college enrollment.  If there is a qualifying event where the student health insurance must be purchased during the academic year, the charge will be prorated  based on the length of time coverage is provided. Students must petition to add the health insurance online at

What is the SGA fee?
The Student Government Association fee is required for all students. These fees make up the total budget of the SGA and are allocated to special monetary funds and distributed via the Ways and Means Committee to the eligible student-run organizations that help to provide the campus with its rich and diverse life beyond the classroom. The SGA sometimes helps to fund large campus special events. Additionally, a portion of the activities fee is contributed to the University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center, enabling Mount Holyoke students to obtain discounted tickets, and attend educational programming offered at the FAC. The activity fee also supports the PVTA Five College bus system that enables Mount Holyoke students to participate in the Five College academic exchange program and take advantage of events in the Pioneer Valley. The amount is determined by students annually.

Why are there additional registration fees later in the semester?
Some course registrations, such as riding or music lessons for non-majors, include additional registration fees as well. Full information on fees may be found in the course catalog.

When will I receive a check for any overpayment?  
Credits that occur during a semester will be refunded upon request, via email (with specific instructions on where the refund should be sent). For students who are living off campus or Frances Perkins students who are awaiting living expenses, refunds will be done as quickly as practicable following the add/drop period. Students who are studying abroad should complete a Study Abroad refund request. 

What is Advanced Tuition? 
In addition to paying the current balance, students or authorized users may pay for future charges on the bill.

Still have questions about billing and financing options or student/parent loans and financing options?