Application Requirements

International Students

International students applying for financial aid should submit the following:

  • The 2017-18 College Board / Financial Aid PROFILE  
    Only the online PROFILE is accepted: We do not accept the CSS International Financial Aid Application. (School code: 3529)
  • A copy of the 2015 parental tax return, translated into English. If a tax return is not filed, a letter from parents' employers attesting to their annual salaries is acceptable. The letter should include the gross salary and a list of deductions that are taken out from the gross salary including taxes, insurance, or other deductions.
  • If a parent owns an interest in a business, the International Student Business Supplement should be completed.
  • If an International student's biological or adoptive parents are divorced or separated, the noncustodial parent should submit the online Noncustodial PROFILE
  • Email tax returns or other income documentation directly to Student Financial Services:
  • Please do not send a Certification of Finances form. 
  • Be sure to review our deadlines page. We will accept late applications however, students whose applications are completed after the deadline may not receive financial aid eligibility information at the time admission decisions are released. 

Important to know: when completing the "Offered resources" question on the PROFILE application, offer only assured resources that will be consistently available for your educational expenses for each year that you are enrolled.  We cannot consider a change to the family contribution once it has been determined.