International Student Deadlines


Form & Deadlines

Decision I
Decision  II

(Including FPs) 

(Including FPs) 

CSS Financial Aid Profile 
(Only the CSS Profile filed online is accepted.) 
Nov. 15 Jan. 5 Jan. 18 March 1 (2022-23 Profile) Nov. 1 (2021-22 Profile)
Parental tax return (translated into English); If a return is not filed, provide a letter from parents' employers attesting to the annual salary. List gross salary and deductions that reduce the gross salary, including taxes and insurance.  Nov. 15 Jan. 5 Jan. 18 March 1 (2020 tax return) Nov. 1 (2019 tax return)

Noncustodial requirement: If an International student's biological or adoptive parents are divorced or separated, the noncustodial parent should also submit an online Profile

Please email all income documentation directly to our office:

Once you have submitted the Common Application to the Office of Admission and set up your Applicant Status Page, you will be able to see your specific requirements by checking the Financial Aid tab in your Applicant Status Portal. (Please check this page often as we may require additional information once we begin a review of your file.)