International Students Financial Aid Eligibility and Policies

Admission Applicants and Intention to Apply for Financial Aid

To be considered for financial aid an international applicant must indicate her intent to apply for financial aid on her admission application. An applicant who indicates that she will not apply for financial aid will not be considered for financial aid while she is enrolled at Mount Holyoke regardless of changes in family's financial circumstances.

The Family Contribution

An international student's family contribution is determined upon admission to the College. The same parent contribution will be required each year until graduation. The family contribution is based on an assessment of the family income and asset information, as reported on the CSS PROFILE and verified with documentation such as certified letters from parent employers and bank statements. In addition to income and assets factors such as number of dependents in the household, and number of dependent children attending undergraduate institutions in the United States are also considered. The family contribution is the sum that the family is expected to contribute towards the billed costs for tuition, room, board and the Student Government Activity fee. In addition, international students are require to carry the comprehensive health insurance policy provided by the College. This fee is in addition to the family contribution.

Requests for Reconsideration

Due to limited funding, requests for reconsideration of the family contribution cannot be considered regardless of changes in individual circumstances.

Funding Limitations

Institutional funding for international students entering as first year students is limited to eight semesters. In addition, if an international student re-classifies, moving up her class year in order to graduate sooner than initially anticipated, she cannot then re-classify back to her original class year and expect to receive financial assistance. Please note that for matriculated students, credits transferred to the College due to a semester or year of study abroad or academic leave will count toward the eight-semester limit, whether or not financial aid from the College was provided for these credits.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Eligibility for financial aid is contingent on maintaining a satisfactory academic record according to the standards described in the “Academic Deficiencies” section of the Mount Holyoke College Bulletin and Course Catalogue.   

Students placed on academic probation are eligible for institutional aid the first semester. If academic probation is continued, students will be eligible for institutional funding for one additional semester. Students will not be eligible for institutional funding if they remain on academic probation for a third semester. If students lose institutional funding due to not meeting satisfactory academic progress, they may appeal by writing to Student Financial Services and providing supporting documentation. Students will regain institutional need-based eligibility for funding after achieving satisfactory academic progress and removal from academic probation.