Student Employment

Mount Holyoke provides approximately 1,000 jobs for students in residence halls, administrative offices, academic departments, the library, and Buildings and Grounds. Students can secure jobs using the Student Employment Database, JobX.

The College participates in the Federal Work-Study Program, a need-based program that provides funds to students for on-campus jobs as well as off-campus positions in community service. The College also provides need-based funding for work study positions on campus.

To participate in campus employment, an International, undocumented or DACA students must have, or be able to obtain, a Social Security Number issued by the United States Social Security Administration and be studying at Mount Holyoke under a visa or immigration status that permits on campus employment.

Any currently enrolled Mount Holyoke College student is eligible to work on campus. Level 1 jobs are only available to students with work-study (although students with work-study may pursue Level 2-4 jobs as well). Students without work-study may pursue Level 2-4 jobs.

Student earnings range from $2,100 to $2,400 annually, representing eight to ten hours of work per week while classes are in session. (The limit may be increased in future years based on state minimum wage increases and College policies.) Students are paid every two weeks; earnings from student jobs are not applied automatically to the bill. The College expects students to use their earnings for books and personal expenses. Students may decline the offer of work-study by notifying Student Financial Services .

Every first-year student with work-study must fill at least one shift in Dining Services during the fall and spring semesters. After signing-up for a shift, first-year students with work-study may seek additional employment in other departments. Transfer students and Frances Perkins students may seek employment in Dining Services or other departments from the start.

For more information about student employment, visit the Career Development Center.