Student Loan FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase the amount of my loan?
You should review the maximum annual federal loan amounts to determine if you have remaining eligibility. 

What non-federal loans are available for me to borrow as a student? As an international student?
We recommend that a student maximize her federal loan borrowing before seeking additional loan funding. There are alternative loan options available.

An international student can also borrow alternative loans if she has a credit-worthy co-borrower who is a U.S. resident or eligible non-citizen.

What if I don't want the loans included in my financial aid package?
If you do not want to accept any loan awarded to you, please email Student Financial Services to reduce or decline your loans. However, students who have requested additional grant funding due to changes in the family's financial situation are expected to maximize all federal loan assistance.

If I decline the loans for this year, will it effect my financial aid package next year?
No, there will be no effect on subsequent financial aid packages.