Mount Holyoke College Loan

Requirements for disbursement of Mount Holyoke College Loans

Student Financial Services grants Mount Holyoke College Loans to students as part of the financial aid process. Mount Holyoke College Loans are not awarded to supplement a financial aid package. The loans are administered by Mount Holyoke College through ECSI. The school code for logging in to ECSI is ZN.

The applicable interest rate for the Mount Holyoke College Loan is 8.0% fixed, which accrues when repayment begins. There is a six-month grace period between graduation and repayment. During any period of re-enrollment, a deferment is available. Other deferment options can be discussed with ECSI. Standard repayment of principal and interest shall be made over a period of ten years.

All students borrowing the Mount Holyoke College Loan must sign a promissory note. A promissory note must be signed for each academic year a loan is included in the financial aid package. Students must include their social security number and birthdate in order to sign the promossory note online.

Students will be contacted by email when the Promissory Note is ready for completion. If a student will be attending a Study Abroad Program, she should sign all loan documents before leaving the United States.

General loan questions can be submitted via email to Student Financial Services. Mount Holyoke College Loan borrowers who have routine billing questions should contact ECSI at 888-549-3274. A loan borrower can also download forms, make payments and check an account online through ECSI.