Study Abroad & Exchange Programs

Study Abroad

To support study abroad, Mount Holyoke offers the Laurel Fellowship, a need-based award. In addition, federal financial aid for study abroad is available to U.S. citizens. Students applying only for federal aid do not need to apply for the Laurel Fellowship.

Institutional merit-based scholarships, the South Hadley Town Grant, and employment-based aid (such as Tuition Exchange) generally cannot be used for study abroad. However, students may use the Mount Holyoke Leadership Award, 21st Century Scholarship, Trustee Scholarship and the Tuition Assistance Grant to participate in specific reciprocal exchanges in which they would pay Mount Holyoke tuition. Students who would otherwise be eligible for need-based aid if they were not receiving merit scholarship, grant or tuition exchange assistance may apply for the Laurel Fellowship.

Please visit the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives for more information.

Exchange Programs

Exchange students are not eligible for financial aid from the host institution, and should not assume that they will be eligible for campus employment. Students who hold scholarships from sources other than Mount Holyoke should check with Student Financial Services regarding their possible use while on an exchange program.

For information and application procedures please visit Twelve College Exchange and Exchange Programs.