Student Employment FAQ

I'm a first year student working only two hours a week in the dining commons. May I work anywhere else?
Yes. Please review the JobX student employment page for other opportunities.

Will declining my work study affect my financial aid?
No. You do not need to accept the work study shown in your financial aid package; work study is an option available to you to help pay for your personal and book expenses.

Can I replace some or all of my work study with loan or grant?
If you have not reached the maximum eligibility for your Federal Direct Stafford Loan, FDSL, you may request that your work study be replaced with additional FDSL.  Your work study will not be replaced with grant.

I don’t have work study in my package – can I work?
Yes. Students who do not have work study may apply for any non-level 1 positions. (Level 1 positions are reserved for students packaged with work study.) A maximum earnings limit applies to all students, whether they have work study eligibility or not. Currently this limit is approximately $2400. The limit may be increased in future years based on state minimum wage increases and College policies. (All students should note that while we make every effort to assist students in securing on-campus employment, a campus job is not guaranteed.)

I'd like to work with America Reads/Community service but I don’t have federal work study in my financial aid package.
Contact Student Financial Services to determine if federal work study is an option for you.

More FAQs are available from the Career Development Center.