Form 1098-T FAQ

Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (TRA 97)
Frequently Asked Questions

Also see Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 overview.

Can I get a new copy of my 1098T on line?

You can access the 1098T form on line by going to and choosing  to View Your 1098T Tax Form in the purple box.  The school code is ZN and the Account Number is the student’s Social Security Number.  If you have never logged in to ECSI or if you have forgotten your password you can call them at 866.428.1098 and they will assist you.

I made tuition payments in 2016; why is there no amount in box 1?
Schools report in either Box 1 or Box 2. MHC reports in Box 2.

The 1098T form covers calendar year 2016; why am I not seeing spring 2016 tuition charges?
Since spring semester 2016 tuition charges were billed in December 2015, i.e. the calendar year 2015, these items were included on the 2015 Form 1098-T.

There are numbers listed in Box 6 “Adjustments to scholarships or grants for a prior year”; why are they there?

The IRS requires institutions to report any "adjustments” to prior year scholarships and grants. Since Mount Holyoke bills spring semester tuition in the prior year, i.e. December, any adjustment to scholarships or grants for that period is considered a prior year adjustment.

I was abroad for all or part of 2016 and my 1098-T tuition amount seems low; why?
Depending on the program you attended, you may have been billed a comprehensive fee that included room & board and other charges that are not deductible. The amount shown on your 1098-T has been adjusted to reflect deductible and non-deductible fees.

My Form 1098-T indicates that I was better than half-time for calendar year 2016, but I graduated in May. If I wasn’t at MHC for the entire year, why am I still considered better than half-time?
You received a 1098-T because you were half-time for at least one semester.

I was a first year student in the fall, 2016; why does my Form 1098-T show an entire year of charges, rather than just the fall, 2016?
The 1098-T form reflects any charges during calendar year 2016. Spring 2016 charges were billed in December 2016, so your 1098-T shows both your fall 2016 semester and spring 2016 semester charges.

Why doesn't my 1098-T form have a Social Security number?
MHC did not have a social security number on file. You will need to go to the registrar’s office and submit a copy of your social security card or complete a W-9S form.

I'm an international student and didn't receive a 1098-T form. Why?
Institutions are not required to issue a 1098-T form to international students unless a student specifically requests one. If you would like to request a form, you can email Deborah Johnson, student account manager, or call her at 413-538-2253.

I'm a U.S. citizen and didn't receive a 1098-T form. Why?
We have issued a 1098-T form to all students who had tuition charges. However, if you did not receive a Form 1098-T and believe that you should have, please email Deborah Johnson or call her at 413-538-2253.

Why is Box 7 checked on my 1098T?
A check in Box 7 indicates that some or all of the charges in Box 2 are for a term that begins January-March of the next year.  Since we typically bill Spring semester in December, most students will have Box 7 checked.