Special Circumstances

Divorced or Separated Parents

While Mount Holyoke will consider special circumstances, we consider a student's family - regardless of separation, divorce, or willingness to contribute - as primarily responsible for paying for their daughter's education. When determining eligibility for institutional assistance, the College considers financial information from both parents. If parents are remarried, financial information from their current spouses is also considered.

If you have special circumstances regarding a divorced or separated parental situation, please complete the Noncustodial Parent Waiver Request and submit with third party documentation to Student Financial Services.

Request for Reconsideration

Student Financial Services accepts requests for reconsideration of the family contribution under certain circumstances including financial support of an elderly parent, unreimbursed medical expenses, or long-term loss of employment. We will consider loss of employment that occurs during the year that the student is applying for aid during the second semester of the academic year. Any additional aid awarded will be applied only to the second semester. We are unable to consider requests for reconsideration of the family contribution due to circumstances such as cash flow problems, inflation, or consumer debt. Requests for reconsideration must be accompanied by our request for reconsideration form along with supporting documentation.

Students may request an extension of aid past the eight semester or 128 credit limit by emailing or writing Student Financial Services with the request and providing supporting documentation regarding the need for an additional semester. If the additional semester is needed because of an earlier medical leave, students should ask Health Services to email Student Financial Services with verification of the medical leave. Requests for additional aid that are not due to medical reasons must receive the support of the academic dean and the student’s advisor. Students should consult with SFS and academic dean if considering a request for an semester of aid.