Transfer Students

Each year Mount Holyoke admits a carefully selected, diverse group of academically strong and talented students and helps those students manage the cost of a Mount Holyoke education. 

Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid eligibility is based on the difference between the estimated student budget (tuition, room and board, fees, books and personal expenses, travel expenses) and the expected family contribution (FC), which includes both parent and student contributions.

    Student Budget
 -  Family Contribution   
    Financial Aid Eligibility

Determining the Family Contribution (FC)

The family contribution is comprised of a parental contribution and a student contribution. Mount Holyoke uses standard federal and institutional formulas to determine the family contribution.

When calculating the parental contribution to determine eligibility for institutional assistance, the College considers such factors as total parent income (including taxable and untaxed income), parental assets, number of dependents in the household, and number of dependent children attending undergraduate institutions.

The student contribution, when calculating eligibility for institutional assistance, is determined from an assessment of student income and assets, including trusts. A minimum student contribution from summer earnings is expected from each student. This contribution ranges from $2,400 to $3,300 depending on the student's year in college. In addition, students are expected to contribute 25% of the value of their assets each year toward the family contribution. 

Funding Maximums

Institutional funding for transfer students is limited based on the total number of credits accepted for transfer at any point.  Credits transferred to the College due to a semester or year of study abroad or academic leave will count toward the semester limit, whether or not financial aid from the College was provided for these credits. The ranges of transfer credits which determine aid eligibility remaining are listed below. Students should plan their course of study with this eligibility in mind.

Credits Transferred Semesters of Aid Eligibility Remaining
12 - 27 7 semesters of institutional aid
28 - 43 6 semesters of institutional aid
44 - 59 5 semesters of institutional aid
60 - 64 4 semesters of institutional aid