Appointing Board

The Appoint Board assists the SGA Chair of Committees with "Committee Yourself Week" and appoints members to committees. In addition, members act as liaisons to all committees in contact with SGA. All applicants must have some experience working with SGA or have demonstrated leadership in other areas of the college.

Committee members:
Erica Keller '15, Chair & SGA Chair of Committees (kelle22e)
Elena Albanese '16, SGA Chair of Orgs (alban22e)
Allyson Umali '15 (umali22a)
Liz Huang '17 (huang22e)
Natasha Lewis '15 (lewis22n)
Maria Ferreras '16, SGA Treasurer (ferre22m)
Alexandra Brennan '18 (brenn24a)
Yitong "Nora" Qiu '17 (qiu23y) 

Contact the Appointing Board at