Newsflush Schedule

Schedule Fall 2017

Note: all Newsflush submissions must be submitted the Friday prior to posting at 6pm.

All blurbs will be admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis, but priority will be given to time-sensitive blurbs if there is not enough space to accommodate all. 
First Newsflush 
Distributed 10/3
Deadline: 9/29 @ 6pm
Second Newsflush
Distributed 10/17
Deadline: 10/13 @ 6pm
Third Newsflush
Distributed 10/31
Deadline: 10/27 @ 6pm
Fourth Newsflush
Distributed 11/14
Deadline: 11/10 @ 6pm
Fifth Newsflush
Distributed 11/28
Deadline: Wednesday 11/22 (note: change of date due to Thanksgiving Break) @ 6pm
Sixth (and final) Newsflush
Distributed 12/5
Deadline: 12/1 @ 6pm
Note: this issue of Newsflush will be up until the end of the semester.