Student Conference Committee (SCC)

The Student Conference Committee (SCC) acts as a liaison between Mount Holyoke's student body, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees. The SCC conducts an annual survey to investigate current issues affecting the student body in preparation for biannual meetings with the Board of Trustees.

Committee members:
Gabriella Crimi '15, Chair (crimi22g)
Katie Ho '16, Chair (ho22k)
Claire Newsom '17 (newso22e)
Dimitra China '16 (china22d)
Marwa Mikati '17 (mikat22m)
Melissa Perez '18 (perez23m)
Casey Accardi '15, SGA President (accar22c)
Selena Lin '15, SGA Vice President (lin22h) 

Contact the Student Conference Committee (SCC) at