External Funding Opportunities

The Office of Sponsored Research is here to help faculty members navigate external (non-MHC) funding sources in the following ways:

  • Contact Laura Bundesen, Sponsored Research Officer, for one-on-one appointments to discuss your research interests and get help in locating resources. She can be contacted by email lbundese(at)mtholyoke.edu or by phone x2161 on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Fridays. She is also available to read drafts of proposals and give feedback with enough lead time. 

  • We periodically update a comprehensive listing of the most well known funding sources for Fellowships and Sabbaticals located in the excel file below.

  • When information associated with new funding opportunities is received throughout the year, we attempt to forward it to all eligible and interested faculty.

  • The Dean of Faculty's Office maintains a license agreement with the Community of Science and Grant Advisor Plus which enables faculty to search listings of fellowship opportunities through these two search engines (links below).