Individual Submissions: Fellowships

Fellowship applications that are submitted by individuals do not require budget or proposal approval prior to submission.  However, given enough advance time, the Office of Sponsored Research is available to help you with your proposal and budget, and happy to serve as lay readers. We would like to know about your fellowship submissions as we track pending fellowship applications internally and report awarded fellowships to the faculty meeting and include them in our online award archives.  If you apply for or are awarded a fellowship, please send a digital copy to Fred Baumgarten.

NOTE: In order to be eligible for "Top-Up" funding from the Dean of Faculty, your fellowship proposal must be filed with Fred Baumgarten at the time of submission. Please read about eligibility for "Top-Up" Funds here

NEH Submissions

NEH proposals are always submitted via grants.gov.  Depending on the specific grant or fellowship for which you are applying, your proposal will either be submitted by you directly as an individual or by staff in the Office of Sponsored Research, as specified in the guidelines.

NEH Fellowships

The deadline for applications is usually in April, for projects beginning in or after January.  For information on getting registered, downloading the application package, and submission via grants.gov, please contact our Director of Foundation Relations & Sponsored Research, Fred Baumgarten well before the deadline.