Staff Council representatives are assigned to various committees or positions:

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Staff Council Member
2 Co-chairs Bardee Sadlier & Jen Marion
2 OPC Liaisons (co-chairs) Bardee Sadlier & Jen Marion
1 Events Coordinator and Scheduler for meeting rooms Barbara Pare
1 Secretary Jeanne Tripp
 1 Alternate Secretary Karen Griffin
2 Website Maintainer Amy Berube & Deb Johnson
2 Drug & Alcohol Committee Liaison Amy Berube & Deb Johnson
2 Faculty Meetings (alternate meetings) Theresa Chamberland & Luigi Solla
2 Scholarship Committee Barbara Pare & Luigi Solla
1 Energy/Environmental Committee Louise Labrie & Chris Domina
1 HR Liaison Kim Kelleher
2 Elections and Email List Krista Denno
2 Staff Email Blasts Louise Labrie & Karen Griffen

Multicultural and College Life Committee (MCCL)

Staff Council also appoints three staff from the community to participate in the Multicultural and College Life Committee: