2014-2015 Staff Council Members

Dean of Faculty

Devon Smith, LITS (2014-2016)
Kathleen Pertzborn, Dean of Faculty; co-chair (2014-2016)
Krista Denno, LITS (2013-2015)

Dean of the College



Karen Griffin, Advancement Office (2013-2015)

Finance and Administration

Teresa Azahar, Human Resources (2014-2016)
Earl Brown, Campus Police (2014-2016)
Jennifer Marion, Conference and Event Services; co-chair (2013-2015)
Christopher Rust, Financial Services (2014-2016)
Natalina Tulik, Human Resources (2014-2016)


Deb Johnson, Student Financial Services (2013-2015)

President's Office and Communications

John Martins, Communications Office (2014-2016)
Katrina Borowiec, Institutional Research (2014-2015)