Staff Council Minutes 2012-2013

June 11, 2013

Members present: Amy Berube, Theresa Chamberland, Karen Griffin, Kim Kelleher, Deb Johnson, Deb Labonte, Sue LeDuc, Jen Marion, Barbara Pare, Kim Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Luigi Solla, Jeanne Tripp. 

  1. Elections – Follow-up
    1. Overall went well.
    2. Would like to list a link on our website earlier in the process to help people locate the elections page.
  2. MCCL has an opening for a staff member.
    1. The Council received the name of a staff member interested in joining that committee and will forward the name to them.
  3. Two recipients were awarded the Truman scholarship by the Council.
  4. Budget
    1. We have been asked to absorb the budget line for an activity on campus that involves staff.
    2. The Council had concerns about managing that account since the Council is not directly involved in oversight of the event, nor would the Council be able to absorb oversight of that event.
    3. Bardee will follow up.
  5. Welcome to our new Staff Council members:
    1. Amy Berube
    2. Krista Denno
    3. Jennifer Marion
    4. Luigi Solla
    5. Karen Griffin
  6. Thank you to our departing Staff Council members:
    1. Karen Jacobus
    2. Deb Labonte
    3. Sue LeDuc
    4. Kim Roy
    5. Christopher Woods
  7. Calendar of Events for 2013-2014 was reviewed.
  8. Staff Council Committee assignments were made for 2013-2014.
  9. Discussion was held regarding an appointment process on campus and no further action was required.

May 14, 2013

Members present: Bardee Sadlier, Karen Jacobus, Deborah Johnson, Debra LaBonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Barbara Pare, Kimberly Roy, Christopher Woods

Members absent: Theresa Chamberland, Chris Domina, Kim Kelleher, Jeanne Tripp

  1. Peer Recognition Awards
    1. SC received feedback suggesting that one or more nominees/recipients for current-year may have performance issues that are documented
    2. SC considered the matter and concluded that peer recognition is independent of the performance review process
  2. Spring Luncheon
    1. It is the sense of the SC that the questions submitted from the community were of high-quality
    2. Approximately 154 community-members rsvp'd for the event
    3. Actual attendance is unknown
    4. Approximately 25 fewer rsvp than previous year
  3. Outstanding SC Questions
    1. Several questions still outstanding, responses may be dessiminated via the SC newsletter and the web
    2. Outstanding questions include: status of sick bank, academic-year employee leave carry-over, composting, and sick time for family care
  4. Benefits Fair
    1. Low attendance in the afternoon
    2. Voting experienced login difficulties due to navigation confusion
    3. Few attendees take the opportunity to vote
    4. Voting deemed too time-consuming for the event
    5. No data but number of entrants into the vacation day raffle seemed low
    6. It is the sense of the SC that future benefits fair participation requires an ample supply of chocolates, free pens, and -- possibly -- other novelty items
  5. Staff Council Election
    1. Timeline working well so far
    2. Larger nominee pool than usual
    3. Approximately 175 votes so far
    4. One day remains in voting period
    5. Approximately 250 votes in total last year
    6. Next year the voting page will be linked from the staff council web page
    7. Winners notified Thursday, 16 May
  6. Scholarship Award
    1. One applicant
    2. Olivia DePino awarded $1000
    3. Second application submitted 15 May
    4. Revised award to $800 for each applicant
  7. Committee Reports
    1. New Committe Members TBD at next meeting when new SC meets

April 9, 2013

Members present: Chris Domina, Karen Jacobus, Kim Kelleher, Deb Johnson, Deb Labonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Barbara Pare, Kim Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Jeanne Tripp, Christopher Woods

  1. Peer Recognition Award
    1. Received positive feedback and will do this again next year.
    2. Will make a few adjustments to the program and to the website information.
  2. Annual Spring Luncheon with the President April 17, 2013
    1. Staff Council assists with presenting questions submitted prior to the event and forwards them to the President, and with facilitating questions at the event.
  3. Benefits Fair May 9, 2013
    1. Staff Council will have a table with voting for next year’s Council members, and a raffle prize of an extra day off.
  4. Staff Council Elections
    1. Nominations are open through April 19 and can be submitted online.
    2. Staff Council members will contact nominees to confirm interest in running for a seat.
    3. Elections will run from May 6 – 15.
  5. MCCL visited with the Staff Council as it continues to conduct its Campus Climate Inventory.
  6. Staff Council Budget Update
  7. Committee Reports
  8. Next meeting: May 9, 2013

March 12, 2013

Members present: Bardee Sadlier, Louise Labrie, Karen Jacobus, Deborah Johnson, Kim Kelleher, Deb Labonte, Sue Leduc, Chris Woods, Chris Domina

Members absent: Kim Roy, Jeanne Tripp, Theresa Chamberland, Barbara Pare

1. Coffee Break 28 March 2013

  1. Schedule of events:
  • Lynn Tighe – Wellness Corp.
  • ~30 minute presentation
  • Checking on equipment needs

2. Peer Recognition Awards

  1. Letters to winners go to HR file
  2. Contacting nominating parties to obtain permission to share comments
  3. Make sharing  policy explicit next time
  4. Bardee to email winners
  5. One chance per nominee in selection drawing
  6. Award mugs purchase in bulk 5yr supply
  7. Awards to Kim Roy by Friday, March 15
  8. Winners:
  • Averi Luscomb
  • Paul Menard
  • Julie Parks
  • Marc Boucher
  • Joan Perez
  • Amanda Florek
  • Carol Prior
  • Roger Gove
  • Chris Ward
  • Karol Cooper

 3. Spring Luncheon 17 April 2013

  1. Submit questions via website
  2. Seating is limited
  3. SC to take questions for college officers

4. Benefits Fair

  1. Free pens or no pens at all
  2. Computer available for voting
  3. Day off raffle okayed

5. Staff Council Election

  1. Note in staff blast April 15 for nominees
  2. Election  May 6-15

6. Investment Committee

  1. Barbara Pare

7. Shredding Event

  1. No shredding event this year

8. MHC Goal 3

  1. Petition for Staff Council inclusion

February 12, 2013

Members Present: Theresa Chamberland, Chris Domina, Karen Jacobus, Kim Kelleher, Deb Johnson, Deb Labonte, Louise Labrie, Barbara Pare, Kimberly Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Jeanne Tripp, Christopher Woods.

  1. Environmental Stewardship Committee
    1. Committee has been working with new faculty & staff as much as possible to help them become familiar with the college’s recycling and reduction practices.
    2. What other ways can eco-reps help?
      1. Eco-reps have volunteered to visit departments to check for updated signage for recyclable items.
      2. Staff Council will also help by adding some updates on Staff Blast (March blast included some of these items).
  2. Coffee Break
    1. Coffee Break topic is the Employee Assistance Program. Will create some table tents wit “Did you know” topics to spark questions.
  3. Modest Staff Council budget was reviewed to assure we are staying on track.
  4. Truman Scholarship: This scholarship, funded by the Staff Council, is offered to children of staff who are not eligible for tuition exchange from the college.
    1. We will do some additional advertising on this benefit.
  5. Staff Service Awards
    1. The Staff Service Award Committee has invited a representative from Staff Council to attend the awards presentations.
  6. Annual Spring Luncheon with the President
    1. Occurs generally in April
    2. Staff Council is present for the event and assists in soliciting questions for the President from staff.
  7. Benefits Fair is May 9.
    1. Some pens will be handed out at our table.
    2. Staff Council members assist at the event.
  8. Recognition Award
    1. Will do reminders on the Gateway and a special blast.
  9. Staff Council Elections.
    1. Will open the elections in time for the Benefits Fair. We have a computer at the Fair to assist people in voting.
    2. Six positions are up for election this spring.
    3. Voting will be in April and May, and we will send out a call for nominations.
  10. Minutes from January 8 meeting were reviewed and approved.
  11. Shredding Event
    1. Last year Staff Council held a shredding event during Pangy Day, this year scheduled for April 26, and we will look into the feasibility of holding this event again.

January 8, 2013

Attendance: Theresa Chamberland, Chris Domina, Karen Jacobus, Kim Kelleher, Deb Johnson, Deb Labonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Barbara Pare, Kim Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Jeanne Tripp.

  1. Minutes from December meeting were approved.
  2. Environmental Stewardship Committee: We were advised that the Eco-Reps requested an opportunity to meet with the Staff Council, and we will schedule them for an upcoming meeting.
  3. Coffee Breaks Spring 2013 - March 28, 2013
    1. Breaks will be held at 8:30am-9:30am and 2:30pm-3:30pm.
    2. The Wellness Center, the College’s Employee Assistance Program, will be sharing their resources with us.
  4. Appreciation Awards
    1. The Council reviewed the requirements for the award, developed the timeline and process for nominations, and decided upon a gift to present to each winner.
  5. Committee Reports
    1. No recent committee activity to report.
  6. Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program April 17, 2013: "Alert Today: Alive Tomorrow." ADAP is partnering with Campus Police to present an interactive program on sober driving. Bardee Sadlier volunteered to assist with the program.

December 11, 2012

Attendance: Theresa Chamberland, Chris Domina, Karen Jacobus, Kim Kelleher, Deb Johnson, Deb Labonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Barbara Pare, Kim Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Jeanne Tripp.

  1. Minutes for November 13 and November 30 meetings approved.
  2. Members of the Staff Council volunteered for assignments to assist at the Winterfest event.
  3. Staff Council meeting dates for the spring semester were reviewed.
  4. Spring Coffee Breaks planning
    1. To be held Thursday, March 28 if our invited guests are available.
    2. Topic: Your Employee Assistance Program
  5. Staff Council Peer Recognition Program
    1. Staff Council is researching creating a way in which staff members may nominate other staff members for service to the college community, with winners chosen at random from the nominees and given a small prize.
    2. Will finalize the program and work with Human Resources with a goal to implement in the spring of 2012.
  6. Debrief and Follow-Ups for Retreat with Human Resources

November 30, 2012

Retreat with Human Resources Director Chris Abbuhl

In attendance: Chris Domina, Karen Jacobus, Kim Kelleher, Deb Labonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Barbra Pare, Kim Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Jeanne Tripp, Christopher Woods.

The Staff Council would like to thank Chris Abbuhl for joining our meeting and listening to ideas brought forward on behalf of the college’s staff.

Topics Discussed:

  1. Sick Leave Usage for Family Medical Care
  2. Pay for 10-Month Employees
  3. Vacation Carry-Over for 10-Month Employees
  4. Performance Appraisal Process Updates
  5. Tuition Reimbursement
  6. Sick Bank Policies
  7. Peer Recognition Program

November 13, 2012

In Attendance: Theresa Chamberland, Chris Domina, Deb Johnson, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Barbara Pare, Kim Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Jeanne Tripp, Chris Woods

Jennifer Sanborn: Work-Life Balance Initiative Updates

  • Commission’s Role: to collaborate with officers and committees college-wide to explore the further development of practices and policies to support the balancing of work, life & family.
  • Professional Development for Employees:
    • Not everyone is aware of opportunities available
    • The Committee would like to develop best practices for providing opportunities to staff
  • Workload Group is exploring Sustainable Work Week ideas for the spring.
    • They will invite departments to make a pledge to take one action that week that would support work-life balance.

James Harold & Maria Nieves Romero-Diaz: Dean of Faculty Search Committee

  • The Committee shared the membership of the committee, and the goals for reviewing applications and bringing a small group of candidates to campus in the Spring of 2013.
  • The Committee is researching what qualities are needed for the next person to serve as Dean of Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • The Committee would like to hold staff forums in January to get more input from this constituency. Staff Council offered to help advertise and support these forums.
  • Members of the community with thoughts and suggestions can email the search committee at:, or contact any search committee member.

Visit the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Search.

Other Staff Council Business

  • Topics for discussion in retreat with Human Resources Director Chris Abbuhl were finalized.
  • Discussed the potential for a Peer Recognition program.

October 9, 2012

Taken by: Jeanne Tripp

Attendees: Theresa Chamberland, Chris Domina, Karen Jacobus, Kim Kelleher, Deb Johnson, Deb LaBonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Barbara Pare, Kim Roy, Bardee Sadlier, Jeanne Tripp

  1. Staff Council Retreat: scheduled for October 15, 2012. Proposed topics include: personal leave usage, vacation policy for 10-month employees, and the performance management program.
  2. Jennifer Sanborn will join the Staff Council at its meeting on November 13 to discuss the work/life balance initiative.
  3. Green Week: Council discussed ideas for advertising and supporting Green Week October 20 - 27.
  4. Fall Staff Coffee Break Planning
    1. Coffee Breaks to be held October 30 at 8:30 am and 2:30 pm in Blanchard Great Room. Staff Council members will be in attendance at each session.
    2. Topics will be College Branding with Patricia Vandenberg, and the new Zip Car program with Doug Vanderpoel.
  5. Old Business:
    1. Discussed the Trick or Treat survey results, and the factors that caused the Council to table the idea until next year to provide sufficient time to address the issues around hosting this event.
    2. Staff concern brought to the Council was discussed, and several resources were identified to assist the parties involved.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Faculty Meeting Representatives: The representatives attended the first meeting, and it was very informative. No issues from the Faculty Meeting required discussion by the Staff Council.
    2. Drug & Alcohol Committee: The Staff Council representative was very impressed with the work being done by that committee.


  • October 15, 2012 - Staff Council Retreat
  • October 20 - 27, 2012 - Green Week
  • October 30, 2012 - Staff Coffee Breaks at 8:30 am and 2:30 pm
  • November 13, 2012 - Next Staff Council Meeting

September 11, 2012

Taken by: Jeanne Tripp

Attendees: Sue LeDuc, Louise Labrie, Bardee Sadlier, Chris Woods, Chris Domina, Deb Labonte, Kim Kelleher, Jeanne Tripp, Karen Jacobus, Deb Johnson, Kimberly Roy, Theresa Chamberland.

  1. Minutes from June were approved.
  2. Annual Staff Council Retreat with Human Resources Director. October 15, 9 am - 1 pm. Location TBA. Among issues include but are not important:
    1. Carry-over policy for vacation time for 10-month employees.
      1. Specific issues with FMLA.
    2. Zip Cars.
    3. Blanchard closing in the summer.
  3. Coffee Breaks. Aiming for October 30.
    1. Will continue with 8:30 am and 2:30 pm breaks to accommodate different shifts.
    2. Will ask speakers to present on the new Zip Car program as well as the College’s branding initiative.
  4. Work-Life Balance Initiative
    1. Will invite Jennifer Sanborn to an upcoming Staff Council meeting for updates.
  5. Staff Blasts: Next around October 1.
    1. Will include coffee break information.
    2. Hold the date for Winterfest December 14.
  6. 175thCelebration
    1. Most events will be occurring November 8 - 9.
    2. 175th Celebration website.
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Committee meetings have not yet begun for this academic year, so no updates yet.
  8. Issues & Ideas for work for Staff Council this year.
    1. Issues discussed in Staff Council Retreat above.
    2. Idea for Halloween event for children: Jeanne will create a SurveyMonkey draft survey and send it to the Staff Council designed to determine if departments are willing to participate, and how many have kids who might be interested in coming to campus.
      1. Participants would purchase bags, and the money would go to a charity.