Staff Council Minutes 2005-2006

Staff Council Meeting 08-31-05

Attendees: President Joanne Creighton, Maryanne Alos , Tom Clark, Charmaine Colino, Mike Donais,
Cindy Legare, Monica Reginio, and Penny Silveira

Fall Update with President Creighton at Mary Lyon Hall

A. President Creighton thanked the Staff Council for our work, discussed her objectives for 2005-06, as well as the College’s priorities for the current fiscal year. These are outlined in two documents, which she shared with the group: Presidential Goals, 2005-06 and Mount Holyoke College Priorities 2005-2006: Implementing the Goals of The Plan for 2010.*

B. We also received a job description* for the open position of Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Ombudsperson to share with potential applicants.

*We have extra copies of all of these handouts for the Staff Council members who were not at the meeting.

C. ACTION REQUESTED: President Creighton asked the Council to nominate staff members for the Diverse Community Commission. ASAP, please inform the staff in your department and email the Council with your suggestions for nominees. We should pass on our nominees this week and next.

D. The Staff Council shared some of our tentative plans for the year, including continued meetings with Director of HR Lauren Turner, reviving our newsletter The Source, expanding our web site, continuing our successful Coffee Break discussions in Blanchard, and revisiting the staff computer loan policy.


Tom Clark will speak on behalf of the Staff Council at Convocation on September 7, 2005.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, September 13 in Blanchard 213 from 1:30pm – 3:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Monica Reginio
Staff Council member

Staff Council Minutes 09-13-05

Attendees: Tom Clark, Barbara Bunyan, Sue Beaulieu, Cindy Legare, Maryanne Alos, Mike Donais, Charmaine Colino, and Rosita Nunez

C.A.U.S.E (Creating Awareness for Unity and Social Equality)

Tom informed members, C.A.U.S.E is working on raising funds for the Katrina disaster. The funds will be going to the American Red Cross. Details can be found on their Web site. There will be a craft sale from 9/14-16/05 and a bake sale on 9/21-23/05.

President’s Nomination Request

Tom asked the council if they had any names to be submitted to President Creighton, for the search committee which will be looking to fill the new Ombudsperson/Director of Diversity and Inclusion position. The previous Ombudsperson is now working full-time with Smith College the new position will replace the Ombudsperson position. The names submitted were: Rosemary Jackson, Amy Degrenier, Sudha Wadhwani, and Isabel Darling.

Fall Coffee Break

The coffee breaks were discussed overall. The past two years they were poorly attended. The council members believe it is important to keep the coffee breaks and that we will have two in an academic year; one in the fall and one in the spring. There was an exchange that the coffee breaks could focus on divisions, include topics that were more personal to individuals, included budget issues, and the new residential hall. The proposed date for the first coffee break is November 16 at 9:30 a.m., with the topic being the new residential hall, and the guest speakers will be John Bryant and Mary Jo Maydew. Barbara will follow up to see if the Jenkins Room is available. The budget that the council has for the coffee breaks is $500.

Positions of Responsibility

Tom gave a handout which described the roles and responsibilities of the new members. Rosita asked the committee to clarify the procedures for administering the minutes. The committee members explained that the minutes are emailed for review and then posted on the website.

Staff Council Web site

The council discussed looking at options to spruce up the Web site and revive the Source. Rosita will follow up with Bill Denneen on how and what needs to be done to update the Web site. Further discussion will be had by the council in our next meeting.

Upcoming Staff Council Meetings

• October 6 Staff Council Retreat with Lauren Turner 8:00 a.m. at Willits-Hallowell Center
• October 11 regular Staff Council meeting 1:30 p.m. Blanchard 213
• November 8 regular Staff Council meeting 1:30 p.m. Blanchard 213
• December 13 regular Staff Council meeting 1:30 p.m. Blanchard 213

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Retreat 10-06-05

Attendees: Mary Fanelli, Thomas Clark, Michael Donais, Maryanne Alos, Penny Silveira, Cindy Legare, Barbara Bunyan, Monica Reginio, Lauren Turner, Rosita Nunez,and Charmaine Colino

The Staff Council met with Lauren Turner to discuss issues and find solutions to support the community as a whole. The topics the committee touched upon were as follows:

Campus Communication

Information is passed to the community in various ways, which will continue this year, such as: town meetings, community breakfasts, and coffee breaks. Rosita will provide the Staff Council with a copy of the In-the-Loop publication, which is designed to provide accurate, up-to-date information about campus issues and projects. Staff Council will work on getting staff involved with various functions and HR will support in whatever way necessary.

Computer Loan Policy

The Staff Council is reviewing the computer loan policy and recommends the minimum loan amount be lowered and that the College consider alternate ways for staff to be able to purchase the computers.

Vacation Time After 20 Years Of Service

Staff Council made a recommendation that staff members who have served 20 years or more be given 25 days of vacation time.

Performance Review Forms

There was discussion about performance review. When asked if everyone has had annual evaluations, the responses ranged from having them consistently to never having them. Lauren informed the Council that the review process is an MHC policy, however, there is difficulty with getting compliance from supervisors. The forms, although available, are not required and managers can develop their own format, so long as it is submitted to HR, where it becomes a part of the personnel file. Further discussion raised the question of bonuses added to evaluations, or pay raises, or some form of recognition. Lauren stated that there needed to be better compliance before attaching some form or monetary compensation to the evaluation.

Tuition Benefits for Children of Retired Staff

The Council is seeking tuition benefits for children of retired staff. This will be discussed at a later meeting.

Staff Council Nominations and Voting Online

Wendy Watson has brought to the Staff Council’s attention a need to put more information about candidates online before elections. This may help stimulate more participation from staff in the Staff Council member selection process. The committee suggested that if this was not possible via online then possibly it could be done via email.

The Source

The Source will be printed this year. There was discussion about putting it online. Many members felt that a hard copy would be better, as they would be more apt to read it, than if they had to search for it online. A suggestion was made to send out an email with the link attached, so people would go directly to The Source, which would be linked with the Staff Council page.

Conservation of Materials and Energy

Mary Fanelli expressed a need for the College to bring more awareness to the issue of conservation, in forms of waste reduction, recycling, and a cleaner environment. One suggestion was to put fax numbers on the national “do not call list” to decrease waste of paper. It was also pointed out that there is a number on the bottom of the unsolicited fax that can be called, in order to be removed from the calling list. It was suggested that Todd Holland from the Five Colleges be invited to the Council to talk about practical ways to conserve on energy and putting together an informational bulletin for the community on tips to cut down on energy. Lauren asked the Council for its thoughts on making a low interest loan available to those needing fuel assistance this year. Many people did not anticipate the hike in fuel cost and their budgets will not cover the expenses this winter. The College is looking into putting together a loan option for the community. The Council felt it was a good idea; however there was some concerned about the effects of delaying payment and incurred interest. The Council will invite Lauret Savoy to the next council meeting to discuss environmental issues the College is pursuing.

Multicultural and College Life Committee (MCCL)

Staff would like to have more staff of color represented on the MCCL committee. All positions are currently full, but the Staff Council will be allowed to have a person of color attend as a guest with a goal to have that person join the committee, when a position becomes available.

Blue Bike Program

Mike informed the council that there are over 30 bikes in storage that can be cleaned up and tuned up to start a MHC Blue Bike program. The bikes can be painted and put on various bike racks, so the community can use them on campus. We can start a pilot project and look into having the bike club maintain them, which would be a community service. Lauren will look into the liability issues that may affect this program.

Ice Skates

Charmaine will speak with Laurie Priest to see if there is a way to have the ice skates located at Blanchard instead of Kendall, when the rink is in use.

Staff Council Web Page

The Staff Council will review their Web page and upgrade it to better represent the staff. They will look into ways to link to other sites that staff will be interested in as well as having a link from HR to Staff Council.

New Employee Orientation

Lauren proposed looking into a new employee orientation process that incorporates HR, the campus, the individual departments, and individual training. HR will call together a New Employee Committee and will put a plan together. The Council suggested having a “buddy” system, where a staff council member can introduce the new employee to the College in a general way.

Email Distribution

The question was raised again about having a staff and faculty only distribution list, where we can send information out to the community online.

Staff Appreciation

Staff Council is pursuing ways in which the College can recognize its staff. Currently we have the Employee Service Awards Breakfast in February and Winterfest in December. One of the proposals was to encourage staff to take an extended lunch of two hours to participate in Mountain Day. We have 125 people being recognized at the Employee Service Awards. It was suggested that we gather pictures of each of these employees for the slide presentation at the awards luncheon.

One Card Payroll Deduction

The Council will canvas the staff population to see if there is an interest in having payroll deductions available for funding One Cards, which are accepted across campus and in many Village Commons shops.

Blanchard Lunch Crunch

Some Council members asked Lauren to look into ways to decrease the crunch at Blanchard during the lunch hour. Lauren suggested going to other venues available on campus. Using your One Card would help expedite the checkout process.


The tentative date for Winterfest is December 15. The Council should identify which charity we would like to connect with and what type of goods they would like.


Lauren shared how deciding to cancel classes is the hardest thing to determine. There are many measures taken to cancel in a timely fashion, but last year presented a different scenario because the bad weather arrived later in the day. Staff should feel free to use a personal day if they don’t feel safe coming in. However, it was brought to Lauren’s attention that there is unspoken peer pressure in some departments to come in no matter what the situation. Also, some staff comes to campus based on the assumption that the College would close early so they would not have to use a personal day. If you take the day off you lose a personal day.

Web Page Links

The Staff Council talked about putting a car pool connection link on its Web site, connected to HR. It was also suggested that staff be given a “newsgroup” folder on email, such as for students. It would be an excellent source of communication to and from the staff. We discussed having a place where staff could check in, let us know how they are doing, and to identify issues that need addressing. There may also be a link on the Council Web page for the same purpose.

Holiday Closing

Lauren and the Council discussed Christmas week and the pros and cons of closing the College down. It was determined that the process would remain as it was; that staff could take vacation or floating holiday and not come in all week if they chose to, or not. Lauren will check with comparable colleges to see what their policies are.

Gorse and Stoneybrook Feasibility Study

Lauren informed the Council that a feasibility study was under way regarding the combining of Gorse and Stoneybrook. Lauren will report back on that study.

Content Management System

The Council is interested in having Patricia VandenBerg and Bill Denneen make a presentation on the new Web platform, the timeline for implementation, etc.

Other items not yet discussed:

• Grade System/Salaries
• Budget

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Minutes 10-18-05

Attendees: Thomas Clark, Michael Donais, Maryanne Alos, Penny Silveira, Barbara Bunyan, Monica Reginio, and Rosita Nunez

Multicultural and College Life Committee (MCCL)

The Staff Council was asked if there was any feedback from departments regarding the issues addressed by the MCCL. The only feedback was from one department that did not want to see a code of conduct established and wanted everything to remain as is.

Web Site Redesign

Rosita distributed her summary of what the Web site currently represents. The Council proposed the following changes: to put a link to the Ombudsperson site; the HR site; The Source; the Scholarship application; the elections; the bylaws; the minutes; and events.

It was suggested that Council member biographies and photos, staff photos, and a section that represents current news and events be put on the Web, to better identify those who are on the Council and recognize the staff. Rosita will work on developing a plan to implement changes for the Web site and will coordinate help from the Council with content writing.

Coffee Break

The coffee break for this semester will be November 17 in the Great Room from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., with guest speakers John Bryant, Mary Jo Maydew, and Paul Ominski, who will talk about the new residence hall plans and answer questions from staff. Monica and Tom will coordinate publicity and Penny will coordinate the food.


The Staff Council is responsible for the raffle, connecting with a charity, and the President’s Office handles the food. Maryanne is going to contact local merchants for donations for the raffle. Monica is going to contact the Western Mass Food Bank to see if they would be interested in picking up food contributions. Penny is going to contact local energy associations to see if they accept monetary donations. Another suggestion for the contributions was clothes, coats, gloves, hats, and mittens for a local Headstart.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Minutes 11-08-05

Attendees: Thomas Clark, Michael Donais, Penny Silveira, Barbara Bunyan, Monica Reginio, Mary Fanelli, Charmaine Colino, and Rosita Nunez

Web Site Upgrade

Rosita presented the new format for the Staff Council Web site. Suggestions were made: 1) to archive minutes that were older than two years; 2) work with Human Resources and Ombuds offices to have them link to the Staff Council Web page and Staff Council to their Web pages; 3) have staff photos on the top picture frame of the Staff Council main Web page; and 4) include a group picture of the Staff Council on the members roster page.

The Source

Rosemary Jackson updated the Staff Council on the progress being made with The Source, which will go online this fall. LITS is assisting in creating a printer-friendly version. Rosita will call Carmen Jimenez and request a link on the Staff Council Corner section of HR’s Web page to connect with the Staff Council Web page. Mary Fanelli will write a brief paragraph highlighting the Staff Council’s plans for this year. The idea of making a section in The Source acknowledging new staff and recognizing departing staff was raised. Rosemary had discussed this with Lauren, and there are issues around privacy that need to be dealt with. If recognizing staff is accepted, then a date needs to be set to begin including it in the newsletter. Rosemary will continue her discussions with Lauren to see what can be done in future publications. The next issue is due for publication in April.

Coffee Break 11/19

Arrangements are made with Jeff Sadowski for the food. Tom will introduce the guest speakers, Mike will talk to John Bryant about bringing the plans for the residence hall, and Monica will send out a reminder email to staff.


Sue Beaulieu has resigned her position on the Staff Council for personal reasons. Lauren has requested that an appointment be made to fill her position since it is still early in the year. Katya King was suggested and will be approached to see if she is interested in filling the position until June 2006 when the term ends.


Tom informed the Staff Council that the role it plays in Winterfest is to cosponsor with the President’s office. Penny will order name tags and pens. Gary Laverdiere will be contacted to have large bins available to collect donations. Debbie Harbison coordinates the charities that will receive donations collected, and the Winterfest committee selects the charity. Charity suggestions can be sent to Debbie. Mary Fanelli will coordinate Staff Council volunteers to be greeters, distribute name tags, and manage the raffle box.

Service Award Recipients

Cindy Legare will coordinate a slide show, with the Service Award Committee and Chris Rust, for the Service Awards event and Winterfest. It was suggested that a student take the photos for the slide show.


Charmaine and her class will be putting a proposal together to develop a plan for getting the skates to Blanchard.

Vacation and Computer Loan Policy

Policy changes are pending further investigation, and Tom will follow up with Lauren to monitor the status of putting changes into effect.

Center for the Environment

Lauret Savoy spoke with the Staff Council to introduce her plans for bringing more awareness to the community about the existence of the Center for the Environment and what it is proposing to accomplish in the future. Lauret wants the center to be an educational force beyond the classroom with programs like the Million Monitor Drive; Facilities Management’s efforts to better control the heating system; health education; and air quality. All ideas are welcome.

Card Payroll Deduction

There is interest in having a (MHCXpress Account) payroll deduction for the Card, but there are some security issues being considered before implementing it.

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Minutes 12-13-05

Attendees: Thomas Clark, Michael Donais, Penny Silveira, Barbara Bunyan, Monica Reginio, Mary Fanelli, Charmaine Colino, Maryanne Alos, Cindy Legare, and Rosita Nunez


Tom distributed the greeter list to all Council members for Winterfest. The greeters will be responsible for greeting guests and having them sign up for raffle prizes. Penny has the name tags and pens. Tom will coordinate with Gary Laverdiere to have large bins available to collect donations. Maryanne will contact local vendors for raffle donations. Tom will send out an email to all staff to remind them of the event.

Web Site

Rosita reviewed changes made to the Staff Council Web site as suggested in the previous meeting: 1) minutes older than 2 years are archived; 2) Human Resources and Ombuds offices have a link to the Staff Council Web page and Staff Council links to their Web pages; 3) the Employee Scholarship Fund application is available in a PDF format for downloading; and 4) when searching for Staff Council on the home page a link was made to put the match to the Web page on top. We still need to work on gathering staff photos to place on the top picture frame of the Staff Council main Web page and to include a group picture of the Staff Council on the members’ roster page. The Council agreed to update the Bylaws, since the changes being made are grammatical.

Employee Grievance

The Staff Council was sent an email from a third party requesting that they intervene in a “rumor” of another employee being “fired”. The Staff Council after consulting with Lauren Turner, Director of Human Resources, came to an agreement to advise the parties involved to utilize the proper channels in expressing their discontent, which would be to follow the grievance guidelines and contact Lauren Turner. The Staff Council agreed that it is not their role or responsibility to be placed in the position of a grievance advocate.

All-Staff email

The Staff Council chairs, Mike, Charmaine, and Tom have access to the All-Staff email list. For the time being the All-Staff email will be primarily reserved for Staff Council events. This Council will continue its discussions as to the use of the all-staff email list, as the decision over its restricted use was not unanimous. The committee approved that the Staff Council chairs will use their discretion as to other correspondence that will be sent via this email list. The Council recommends that departments utilize other avenues (such as MHC Happenings, MHC Today, and MHC announce) to send out event notices or advertisements for events. Sarah Barrett in the Office of Communications handles MHC Happenings and MHC Today. MHC announce is on the web.

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Minutes 01-10-06

Attendees: Maryanne Alos, Barbara Bunyan, Tom Clark, Mike Donais, Cindy Legare, Monica Reginio, and Penny Silveira

Winterfest follow up

Guests donated substantial gifts for the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund, food for the Open Pantry, and clothing and personal items for the Women's Shelter/Compañeras. Microphones were not loud enough. Maryanne is sending thank you notes to the vendors who donated raffle prizes. Next year we should decide how to handle the additional raffle donations from individuals.

Next Coffee Break

Topic will be Identity Theft and Smart Computing. It will take place either Wed, March 15 or Thurs, March 16 from 9-10am in Blanchard Great Room. Tom will ask for a speaker from Public Safety, and possibly someone from the South Hadley Police Dept. Maryanne will ask Susan LeDuc of LITS to speak. Penny will reserve the room and order food.

Topic for a future Coffee Break: Employee benefits, by an HR rep. Staff members welcome reminders about sick/personal/vacation time policy, etc. Staff Council may consider starting "Did you know..." series: periodic emails reminding staff about items from the staff handbook.

Staff Wellness

HR has been looking at ways to promote healthy activities for the MHC community, and the Staff Council can help. Ideas include contacting insurance companies for small gifts for staff members when they reach personal fitness goals, lunchtime walking groups around Upper Lake, health awareness days including blood pressure and cholesterol testing, and getting other departments involved. Cindy will research the cost of starting a bowling team(s), perhaps involving Five Colleges, Inc.

Abandoned Bicycles

We continued the conversation about starting a Blue Bike program to empty storage rooms, put abandoned bikes to use, decrease on-campus driving, and promote health. There may be liability problems. Tom will ask one of the students in the MHC Bike Club if they are interested in fixing bikes or helping start a program. We also talked about donating the bikes instead.

Computer Loan Policy

Discussions about rewriting the policy are in progress. The minimum loan amount will probably be lowered, and Cindy will keep us updated.

Staff-L emails

We will ask Jesse Lytle in the President's Office about giving OPC committee members access to send email to all staff (Staff-L group). We would like the ~ 45 members of OPC to be able to include all staff in their announcements when appropriate, as they currently do for other campus groups, such as faculty and students.

Respectfully submitted,
Monica Reginio

Staff Council Minutes 02-14-06

Attendees: Maryanne Alos, Barbara Bunyan, Tom Clark, Mike Donais, Cindy Legare, Rosita Nunez, Mary Fanelli, Penny Silveira, and Charmaine Colino.


Recycling and energy conservation efforts have started across campus, such as turning down the temperature in administrative buildings and residential halls. A handout with tips on recycling and waste reduction was circulated among the staff council.

Coffee Break

The next Coffee Break, sponsored by Staff Council, is scheduled for March 15th from 9 to 10 am in the Blanchard Great Room. Susan LeDuc, Director, Technical Support & Repair for LITS, and Kevin Fournier, Senior Officer, Public Safety, will give short presentations about smart computing and identity theft, and will then answer questions from staff.

Benefits Fair

The Benefits Fair is scheduled for May 11th with a carnival/circus theme from 10:30 am - 4 pm. in the Morrison Room, Willits. The Staff Council will have a table and provide information about the next Staff Council election.

MHC Web Site

Rosita Nunez updated us on the progress of the MHC Web site, which is being redesigned. A new content management system is being introduced. This system will allow updates on linked sites throughout the system. Theresa Chamberland and a team of students are working through the month to get this up and running. We also have a new virtual tour on the Web.

Staff Appreciation Day

Staff Council is exploring the possibility of the College recognition of Staff Appreciation, perhaps in conjunction with the Student Government Staff Appreciation Program.

Vacation Time

Staff Council has proposed five additional days of vacation days for employees who have worked at the College 20 years or more. Lauren Turner expressed that the MHC vacation accrual rates are generous, compared to other colleges. The Operations/Policy Council is interested in a broader dialogue regarding vacation benefits, and will form a sub committee to discuss other options. Implementation of any changes may occur in July 2006.

Snow Policy

The discussion continues as to whether or not employees are required to use one of their personal days if they are not able to get to work because of bad road conditions. Lauren explained that the decision to close the College is assessed by Student Affairs, Public Safety, Facilities Managment, Dean of Faculty, and Administration. The general consensus is to keep the College open, however staff are encouraged to use their judgment and take a personal day if they feel it is unsafe to travel.

Computer Loan

A new computer loan policy is in the works and will be finalized soon. It was determined that the old policy set an unrealistically high dollar amount of loan, while the cost of computer equipment has come down. The new policy, with a range of loan amounts, will allow greater accessibility to a greater number of people.

Staff Council Communication

Staff Council now has an email account with which we can communicate to all staff. It is password protected and can only be used by a select group of people: Lauren Turner in Human Resources, Tom Clark, Mike Donais, and Charmaine Colino, cochairs of the Staff Council. Important events and information that are of interest to all staff will be disseminated through this listserv.

Staff Council Representation

Staff Council is working on a reallocation of staff representation on the Council so that there is a more even representation of individual departments or large branches of departments, which are currently underrepresented.

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Minutes 03-14-06

Attendees: Barbara Bunyan, Cindy Legare, Monica Reginio, Mary Fanelli

Multicultural Community and College Life

Representatives from the Multicultural Community and College Life (MCCL) Committee: Lauret Savoy, Professor of Geology and Director of the Center for the Environment, Dina Bevivino, Senior Administrative Assistant, Development Office, Lee Bowie, Dean of the College, and Kris Bergbom, Assistant Director of Operations, Student Programs Office met with the Staff Council to update and review with us the Report of the Presidential Commission on Diverse Community.

We discussed the roles of the Staff Council and the MCCL and how the two groups might collaborate to inform staff members, encourage them to voice opinions, and bring about positive change. Staff Council members should encourage colleagues to read the report if they have not already done so.

MCCL asked the council about staff reactions to Carrie Gibson's "Not Until You Know My Story" performed twice during the week of February 13. During the discussions following these performances, some staff members gave examples of classist attitudes they observed on campus, among other biases. The shows promoted much needed conversations, and we should encourage colleagues to attend such programs in the future.

We discussed the continued need for staff, faculty, and students to connect on an individual level and keep the lines of respectful communication open. Events like Winterfest, campus picnics, Staff Appreciation Day, and the Day of Listening should be as inclusive and well advertised as possible.

Several staff members would like to see the College Street Journal back in its original paper format. Many feel it's easier to keep up with College events when a newsletter arrives in our mailboxes, as opposed to finding the information online.

Respectfully submitted,
Monica Reginio

Staff Council Minutes 04-11-06

Attendees: Barbara Bunyan, Cindy Legare, Monica Reginio, Mary Fanelli, Rosita Nunez, Michael Donais, Penny Silveira, and Charmaine Colino

Divisional Representation

A motion was unanimously passed to increase the Staff Council representation for Division III and IV from three to five representatives. The decision was based on the number of employees within these divisions and the need for equal representation on the Council.

Bylaw Changes

A motion was unanimously passed to change the wording in the Staff Council Bylaws (regarding the structure of the Council) to reflect the addition of aforementioned additional Council representatives, making the total number of representatives thirteen (13) instead of eleven (11). Also, in the paragraph regarding the Election Process, the third sentence shall read: Election or appointment of representatives to fill vacancies resulting from resignation will be for the remainder of that term of office. In the paragraph regarding Nominations and Elections, the second paragraph shall read: Nominations and elections to fill vacancies resulting from resignations will take place during the annual election process, or representatives may be appointed at the Council’s discretion and will serve for the balance of the term.


A motion was unanimously passed to send out the monthly Council meeting minutes via the “all staff” email with a summary of the minutes and links to the full report on the Staff Council Web page. The email will list the names of the representatives and their contact information. The process will be for the Council secretary to create the email and submit it to a chairperson for email distribution.

A notice will be sent in this month’s email about the Employee Scholarship Fund and the revised Computer Loan Program.


A request for nominations for Staff Council will be made available in mid April. Nominations must be submitted by April 28, 2006 at 5 p.m. Time permitting, the nomination process will be done electronically.

Those nominated will be notified and asked if they accept the nomination. Those accepting the nomination will be asked to prepare a statement letting voters know their reasons for wanting to serve on the Staff Council. The statement is optional. Statements will be posted on the Web for review by staff only. Cindy Legare will work with LITS to have the voting ballots open online by May 8, 2006 at 8:30 a.m. and close May 11, 2006 at 5 p.m.

Benefits Fair

The Benefits Fair will be May 11, 2006 from 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The Council will have a table staffed by Council members at which staff may vote for Staff Council Representatives.

The Staff Council will meet next on May 9th.

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Minutes 05-09-06

Attendees: Barbara Bunyan, Cindy Legare, Monica Reginio, Rosita Nunez, Michael Donais, Penny Silveira, Tom Clark, and Charmaine Colino

Public Saftey’s Use of Tasers

Paul Ominsky, Director of Public Safety gave the Council an overview about the decision made by Public Safety and the College administration to have police officers carry tasers. Although MHC continues to be a safe campus, the ever-changing climate around us has put MHC officers in situations that require additional protection for themselves and others.

The officers will be trained during the summer and the tasers will be implemented in the Fall of 2006. The tasers will be equipped with a video to record an incident, when the taser is used. There will be policies and procedures in place to outline the proper use of a taser and a review committee will assess all incidences where a taser is applied. Paul encourages feedback be sent to him Paul Ominsky or Mary Jo Maydew. He also suggests that everyone learn a little more about the tasers at this CBC News page.

Next meeting will be May 23, 2006 to introduce the new Council members.

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary

Staff Council Minutes 05-23-06

Attendees: Barbara Bunyan, Cindy Legare, Rosita Nunez, Michael Donais, Penny Silveira, Tom Clark, Charmaine Colino, Bill Farrington, Russell Boudreau, Amanda Bouse, Amy Fortenbery, Richard Rigali

New Members

New members to the Staff Council are Russell Boudreau, Amanda Bouse, Bill Farrington, Amy Fortenberry, Joni Haas, Richard Rigali, and Andrew Soucy. All members were appointed to a committee they will serve on for the next year and Charmaine Colino and Russell Boudreau will serve as Co-Chairs.

The Council will continue to pursue discussions on the Grade System/Salaries, the One Card payroll deduction, official 2 hour lunch extension for Mountain Day, ice skates at Blanchard, Tuition benefits for children of retired staff, change language in Scholarship award, and snow days off.

Next meeting will be August 30, 2006 with President Creighton

Respectfully submitted,
Rosita Nunez, Secretary