Staff Council Minutes 2011-2012

June 12, 2012

Taken by: Jeanne Tripp

Present: Sue LeDuc, Louise Labrie, Bardee Sadlier, Chris Woods, Chris Domina, Deb Labonte, Kim Kelleher, Jeanne Tripp, Karen Jacobus, Deb Johnson, Kimberly Roy, Theresa Chamberland.

  • Welcome to new Staff Council members and Thank You to our outgoing members.
  • Calendar for 2012-2013 meetings reviewed.
  • Reviewed Staff Council events for 2012-2013

Fall 2012 Events:

  • Convocation: Staff Council provides a speaker annually
  • Meeting with President Pasquerella: we will work with the President’s Office to identify a date
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Mountain Day Appreciation for staff
  • Staff Council Retreat with Director of Human Resources, Chris Abbuhl
  • Winterfest

Spring 2013 Events:

  • Coffee Breaks
  • Meeting with President Pasquerella
  • Staff Council Luncheon with the President
  • Employee Service Awards Breakfast
  • Truman Scholarship Award Selection
  • Staff Council Election for 2013-2014
  • Benefits Fair

Staff Council Roles discussed & assigned:

  • Co-Chairs:  Kim Roy & Bardee Sadlier
  • Events coordinator/Scheduler: Karen Jacobus
  • Secretary: Jeanne Tripp, back-up: Chris Woods
  • Web: Theresa Chamberland
  • Drug and Alcohol Liaison: Deb Johnson
  • Faculty Meeting: Deb LaBonte and Karen Jacobus
  • Scholarship Committee: Kim Roy
  • Energy/Environment: Louise Labrie and Chris Woods
  • Election Committee: Sue LeDuc and Deb Johnson
  • HR Liaison: Kim Kelleher.
  • Staff Council Blast: Louise Labrie
  • MCCL: nominated by Staff Council

Upcoming: September 11, 2012 – next Staff Council meeting

January 10, 2012

Taken by: Kim Roy
Attendees: Gail Holt, Deb LaBonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Kimberly Roy, Heather Tetrault, Kate Woodmansee Chris Woods. Regrets: Dina Bevivino, Cindy Legare, Chris Letourneau, Brenda Payette.

There needs to be better coordination between Staff Council and the Winterfest committee to inform community of date and list of charities. Overall things went well and raffle was well received in the way it was run.

College Planning – Staff representative:
The goal for the committee is to have a diverse and representative cross-section of the community with all campus areas being represented. Rene Davis, Dean of Students has accepted the invitation to replace Ruby Maddox-Fisher due to her resignation as a staff member for the College Planning Committee.

Meeting with FCC Follow up:
Those that attended the meeting discussed the need for greater communication with the community around the current status and plans for future direction. Discussion ensued about the different levels of impact that the strategic directions have on staff versus faculty. President Pasquerella meets again with the FCC on January 9th. Gail will follow-up with FCC to review and confirm before next meeting to see if there is a need for Staff Council to meet with Sally or Jennifer.

Work-Life Balance Committee Updates:
The President’s Commission on Work-Life-Family reconvened on 11/11/11 after an extended hiatus. The participants affirmed that they will work through small subgroups combined with periodic reconnection of the entire commission. The subgroups are Wellness; Policy Review for Staff; Policy Review for Faculty; Professional Development; Workload Management; Child/Family Care. The Wellness, the Workload Management, and the Family Care subgroups have met at least once. The next Work/Life Commission is due to meet January 11.

Coffee Break:
The idea of having our next coffee break at two different times on one day was suggested to draw more of the community out. This would enable most that could not make a morning meeting to possibly attend an afternoon meeting. Suggested times were 8:30-9:30 and 2:30-3:30. Gail Holt will talk with Sally before the end of January to see if Staff Council can use the next coffee break to assist in facilitating any desired strategic planning discussions.

Community Action Event – Shredding fundraiser:
Deb Labonte is going to look at ways in which we can tie earth day on April 20 into this event. The original idea was to have an MHC only recycling day the Friday after the tax deadline. Now the thought is to tie it somehow to earth day, Pangy Picnic and the Center for the Environment. Those that would like to recycle can do so by making a nominal donation to a set charity (chosen with help from Ruby and Kris) no less than $5.

Staff Recognition:
Gail Holt Receives Distinguished Service Award Gail Holt, senior associate director of Student Financial Services, received this year’s Charles Jack Sheehan Distinguished Service Award from the Massachusetts Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA).
Sven Aas Featured in Journal Sven Aas, LITS Web team lead, has just published an article on website emergency response communication in LINK: The Journal of Higher Education Web Professionals. His article, “Pragmatic Emergency Preparedness,” provides Web professionals with an easy-to-follow guide for making rapid, broad changes on their websites so institutions can distribute urgent messages quickly. The article builds on a poster he presented at the HighEdWeb 2011 Conference in Austin, Texas, last October, where he also won a Best in Track Award for a separate presentation, “Swingin’ with Sinatra: Small Apps Fast

UPCOMING: February 14, 2012 – Next Staff Council Meeting

December 13, 2011

November 8, 2011

Attendees:  Dina Bevivino, Gail Holt, Deb Labonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Cindy Legare, Ruby Maddox
Absent:  Jaime DeCaro-Birk, Chris Letourneau, Brenda Payette, Kim Roy, Heather Tetrault, Kate Woodmansee

Review of roles/membership assignments:
We had a brief discussion about the roles that were discussed during our first meeting.  Given that there were shifts in membership over the summer, who will be attending faculty meeting and the energy committee meetings?  Dina Bevivino will attend the faculty meeting.  Kate Woodmansee may also be attending the faculty meeting in her role as Associate Registrar.  Deb Labonte also expressed interest in attending.
Ruby Maddox agreed to attend the energy committee meetings.  Louise is already on that committee.  Both will remain as our representatives as it is not always possible for everyone to attend every meeting.

Planning Task Force Forum for Staff:
We agreed that we will plan to attend the forum that is being offered by the College Planning Committee (CPC) on November 21.  It is important for staff to make their voices heard in this process and we also agreed to change the wording on the staff news blast to more strongly encourage staff to engage in the planning process.

Annual Report from the Ombuds Office

Carol Stewart provided a summary of her annual report.  She reports:
- 68 total cases were opened and she had 97 visitors.
- 55% staff
- 32% student
- 13% faculty

These numbers were consistent with last year’s numbers. 

Carol also had 75 structured “meet and greet” sessions and she facilitated 6 hour long workshops (mostly for students).
The primary issues for staff were reported as:
- 49% - Needs for training (This included all types of training.)
- 25% - Equity & Process
- 18% - Work unit culture
- 8 % - Stressors

Carol emphasized that the numbers of visits and folks she actually meets in these encounters is fairly low, so while it is interesting to note any trends, one must keep in mind that the data may or may not be fully representative for all staff.

Her recommendations included:
- Need for training
- Need for skills for new supervisors
- Comfort in dealing with discussions around race
- Bystander training
- Dealing with conflict in work place or work unit
- Need for uniform performance assessments for comparison across departments

Staff Representative for VP of Enrollment Search

Gail let the group know that she would be sending out a call for staff representation on the search committee for the VP for Enrollment.  She indicated that Lynn will be chairing that committee and that they were looking for representation outside of the Enrollment Division.  Sage Search Partners will be working with MHC once again to conduct this search.  (They have been the firm used in a few of the more recent executive searches.)

Leave Donation Policy
We briefly discussed the Leave Donation policy revision again and agreed that Gail would bring our suggested revisions to the OPC for discussion.  

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Legare

October 11, 2011

September 13, 2011

Taken by: Brenda Payette

Attendees: Dina Bevivino, Jaime DeCaro Birk , Gail Holt, Deb LaBonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Cindy Legare, Chris Letourneau, Ruby Maddox, Brenda Payette, Kimberly Roy, Heather Tetrault, Kate Woodmansee.

College Planning Update with Sally Sutherland:
Committee of 17 people and started out with 20 goals.
A preliminary report was put out last May/June that was about 20 pages.  Over the summer created a Summary Report with 3 goals and out of that came the 4 areas of focus, known as the “task forces”
--Curriculum to Career
--New Markets
--Academic Core
--Admission and Retention

Each Task Force group will be putting together a summary of recommendations and thoughts.  They will be getting feedback from the campus community to present to the Board of Trustees in October.

Each Task Force has been asked to consider staff impact.
The thought is that Curriculum to Career and New Markets task forces are very strong and important.  If these two areas are worked out this will set the College in a good place for the coming years and filter down to the other two task forces.

Welcome Ben Hammond, VP Finance and Administration:

Gail Holt gave Ben an overview of what staff councils represents on campus.

Ben talked to us about some areas of focus.  He understands that these are financially challenging times.  He is very cautious about the future.  He is very focused on getting back to salary increases and delivering a balanced budget.  He said he is working on the Human Resources director search.  He wants to use a search firm and give the community ample opportunity to weigh in.

Ben also noted that as of July 1, 2011 when he came here, any changes to an employee relating to salary; would be reviewed with the Officers. Fall enrollment and revenue figures would not be available until mid-October.  The college enrolled 75 more students than anticipated. 

He spoke about Performance Evaluations.  He feels that are very important to do and he has asked his departments for examples of how they do theirs.
Confirmed the next Coffee Break on October 13, 2011 with Jennifer Sanborn, Cerri Banks and Ben Hammond.

September 1, 2011
with President Lynn Pasquerella

Taken by: Brenda Payette 

Attendees: Dina Bevivino, Jaime DeCaro Birk, Gail Holt, Deb LaBonte, Louise Labrie, Sue LeDuc, Cindy Legare, Chris Letourneau, Ruby Maddox, Brenda Payette, Kimberly Roy, Heather Tetrault, Kate Woodmansee

Overview of Staff Council 2010-2011 Highlights:

  • April/May, 2011: Conclude support in implementation of Defined Contribution Retirement Plan and transition to ING
  • April 25, 2011: President's Luncheon
  • April 21, 2011: Coffee Break featuring Nancy Apple, Director of the Environmental Health and Safety Office and Facilities Management 
  • December 21, 2010: Winterfest 
  • October 26, 2010: Coffee Break, featuring Sally Sutherland and President Pasquerella, and discussion about the Strategic Planning process 
  • September 29, 2010: Mountain Day – Staff Council serve fresh baked pie to staff on the Blanchard patio
  • September 7, 2010: Convocation, including remarks from Staff Council co-chair Tanya O. Williams


  • Selected recipient for the Employee Scholarship Fund 
  • Emailed monthly ‘News Blasts’ to staff (overwhelming positive response from staff)
  • Added Staff Spotlight to Staff Council webpage, highlighting the 17 Staff Members who were acknowledged in the 2011 Stolling Ceremony and the complete listing of Service Award recipients
  • Facilitated staff member nominations for service on the Strategic Planning Committee and Vice President of Finance and Administration search committee.

Overview of Staff Council 2011-2012 Goals: 

  • Offer Coffee Breaks to bring information and facilitate discussion to the staff community
    Next coffee break-October 13, 2011 8:30am-9:30am
    Introduction of new College leadership to staff.
  • Continue recognition of staff with Staff Spotlight on SC website
  • Increase Staff Council visibility
    Continue building relationship between FCC and SC. Met two times last year.
    Continue support to CPD and College Planning Committee
    Continue support to HR and Interim Director Linda Samano
    SC will be scheduling a retreat with Linda Samano.
  • Build community action
    Parental Leave Policy for staff recommendation
    Shredding and fundraising event on campus
    Support Presidential Commissions on work/life balance - President Pasquerella said Jennifer Sanborn will be working on this.

June 7, 2011

Taken by: Brenda Payette

Attendees: Gail Holt, Dina Bevivino, Bill Farrington, Sue Rusecki, Sue LeDuc, Cindy Legare, Debra LaBonte, Stephen Locklin, Paula Pierce, Jim Moynihan, Brenda Payette, Kimberly Roy, Kate Woodmansee, Jaime DeCaro Birk


Welcome to the newly elected members and thank you to the departing members.
Reviewed Staff Council’s (Potential) Calendar for 2011-2012


  • Meeting with President Pasquerella
    Check with President’s office to schedule a date.
  • Mountain Day Appreciation for Staff
    Staff Council’s role
    Serve pie to staff at lunch time at Blanchard.
  • Retreat with Linda Samano
  • Communication/meetings with Faculty Conference Committee (FCC)
    Be in touch with John Lemly to schedule next joint meeting.
    Staff Council and FCC working together to draft letter regarding the use of Family Leave.
    To present to OPC for feedback /support.
    To bring to higher level for policy change.
  • Coffee Breaks—ideas
    Introduce Jennifer Sanborn, Cerri Banks, Ben Hammond, Chris Benfey

Staff Council Website; keep the information updated
Staff Council Roles:

  • Chair: Gail Holt
  • Co-Chair: Kate Woodmansee
  • Events coordinator/Scheduler: Heather Tetrault
  • Secretary: Brenda Payette, back-up: Kim Roy
  • Web: Gail Holt
  • Drug and Alcohol Liaison: Jaime DeCaro Birk
  • Faculty Meeting: Dina Bevivino and Stephen Locklin
  • Scholarship: Kim Roy
  • Energy/Environment: Bill Farrington
  • Election: Cindy Legare and Sue LeDuc
  • HR Liaison: Cindy Legare. Staff Council Blast-Cindy Legare and Deb LaBonte
  • Student Coalition for Action: Jaime DeCaro Birk
  • MCCL: Wilnelia Rivera Vallejo and open position