Staff Council Elections

All employees who are not teaching faculty, members of a bargaining unit, or full-time members of the student body are eligible to run for office from their division. Each representative will be elected for a two-year term. Each of the seven divisions of the College will be represented by one to five representatives depending on the number of employees in that division.

The following seats are open:

  • Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty - 2 seats
  • Finance and Administration - 3 seats
  • President's Office and Communications - 1 seat


Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty - 2 seats

Natasha Anderson

Natasha Anderson, Laboratory Instructor, Department of Psychology

My name is Natasha Anderson. As a current lab instructor in the Psychology Department and a proud alum, I would love to become even more involved in this wonderful community by joining staff council. Since graduating from MHC in 2001, I received my graduate degree in expressive arts therapy with a specialization in music therapy. After becoming licensed as mental health counselor and board certified as a music therapist, I worked for over a decade as a therapist, primarily in school settings. I was grateful to return to MHC as a Lab instructor in 2016, and hope to stay with the super inspiring and supportive Psychology Department for years to come. I often talk about how much I love working at MHC, and I would welcome the opportunity to become more involved by joining staff council. My active listening skills and ability to creatively problem solve will be positive contributions to staff council.  Thank you for your consideration, and I would be honored to receive your vote.

Jessica Deres

Jessica Deres, Records and Services Specialist, Registrar's Office

Jessica Deres joined the Office of the Registrar in 2015 as Records and Services Specialist. She helps coordinate final exams, Five College registration, and many other important aspects of the academic record for Mount Holyoke students. When she is not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time with her Catahoula Leopard dog, Bailey and her mischievous Maine Coon, Stout, and is active in the Simmons College alumnae association.

For the past year, she has served as a temporary member of Staff Council in the secretary position. This role has been a valuable opportunity to connect with members of the Mount Holyoke College community at Coffee Breaks, on Mountain Day, and at other points in the year. Jessica's role in the Registrar's office -- which connects students, faculty, and staff -- enables her to bring a unique perspective to issues important to Staff Council.

Jessica appreciates the opportunity she has had this year to listen to, and contribute to, the voices of staff at Mount Holyoke. She looks forward to the chance to become a full-time Staff Council member and work with the team and the campus again.

Anna Fung-Morley

Anna Fung-Morley, Business Analyst, Office of Student Success and Advising

My name is Anna Fung-Morley, and I am a business analyst in the Office of Student Success and Advising. I have been part of the Mount Holyoke community since July 2017, and my work involves implementing and providing support for Pathways, the campus’s new software to support integrated student advising.

My husband Ryan and I moved to Amherst in 2011 when I started graduate school at UMass.  We loved the parks, trails, restaurants, and culture of the area and decided to stay in western Massachusetts after I earned my degree in public policy and administration.

I am running for staff council for the opportunity to meet and learn from staff with different experiences and perspectives across the college.

Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis, National Fellowships Advisor, Office of Student Success and Advising

I have been MHC’s National Fellowships Advisor since September 2016 when I jumped into the end of the hectic fellowships season, staffing four Committee on Fellowships interview panels and shepherding 16 students through Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright submissions in just three short weeks. Among other things, my job entails aligning student strengths and interests with good-fitting fellowship opportunities, suggesting activities that could boost an applicant’s competitiveness, and listening deeply to a student’s story in order to provide considered writing advice.

This spring I joined the college’s Tobacco Free Task Force because I wanted to serve MHC in a way that felt responsive to and inclusive of the lives of all those who spend huge chunks of their days (and/or nights) on campus, heedless of degrees, job titles, or tuition bills. I am hoping to extend this spirit through engagement on Staff Council.

Prior to joining MHC I developed, managed, and funded public humanities programs as a program officer for the Illinois Humanities Council, facilitated literature-based reflective conversations on justice, civic engagement, and the meaning of service for Illinois Campus Compact and AmeriCorps members through the Project on Civic Reflection, and managed a small grantwriting practice for arts organizations in Metro Detroit. A very long time ago, I completed graduate work in public history at Loyola University Chicago and, a very, very long time ago, studied history and geography at Humboldt State University in Northern California when I wasn’t playing Lumberjack football or losing myself in the redwoods.

Melanie Navarro, Help Desk Specialist, Campus Technology & Media Support 

I joined Mount Holyoke in 2017, after working at a non-profit organization for over 7 years. Being exposed to multicultural settings has allowed me to work well with people from a multitude of backgrounds. In my current position, I’ve had the opportunity to engage and help students, faculty and staff members. I enjoy meeting the diverse members of our community and I would like to better understand and share with my colleagues all of the benefits that our community has to offer. I hope, if selected as staff council, to take this opportunity to be the voice of all staff members and gain an increased understanding of the Mount Holyoke culture. Outside of Mount Holyoke, I enjoy spending quality time with family, music, cooking and traveling.

Deborah Richards

Deborah Richards, Special Collections Archivist, Archives & Special Collections

My name is Deborah Richards and I am the Special Collections Archivist at the Archives and Special Collections which is part of LITS. I have been at MHC for a little over 4 years. My interest in serving on the Staff Council comes from my commitment to building community. MHC is a wonderful place to work and I see Staff Council as a place where I can help create events and opportunities for staff from all across campus to come together.

Wendy Rua

Wendy Rua, Senior Administrative Assistant, the Teaching & Learning Initiative

My name is Wendy Rua and I am asking for your vote for Staff Council. I work as the Senior Administrative Assistant for the Teaching and Learning Initiative and sincerely enjoy coming to work every day! My job encompasses event planning, website management, budget oversight, and facilitating faculty development opportunities. As a proud MHC alumna, with a B.A. in Psychology & Education, coming back to campus has been a strong reminder of the lasting impact that my Mount Holyoke education provided and has sparked the renewal of my commitment to be a part of crafting it’s impact on future generations. The faculty and the staff who work here are the critical foundation for that success! My employment history includes a diversity of experiences in social work and in the public school arena. The common theme to all of my roles has been advocacy and outreach. Currently, I serve as the Vice-Chair of the Agawam School Committee, on my fourth term as an elected official. Working tirelessly for the betterment of public education, I support the staff and students in my hometown by campaigning for resources, policies, programs, and legislative support. Born and raised in Western MA, I am also busy raising my three sons with my husband, Mario. Actively involved with my community, I am on the board of directors for Agawam’s robotics program, a Cub Scout leader, the President of the Agawam Special Needs Parent Advisory Council, and involved in PTOs and booster clubs. My strengths are building community, event coordination, developing community partnerships and passion for advocacy that makes a difference. Thank you for your consideration and your vote!

Katie Walker

Katie Walker, Coordinator, Nexus Program and Foundation Relations & Sponsored Research

I have worked at Mount Holyoke for 15 years, mostly in the area of academic advising, and I am dedicated to fostering student connections between course work and co-curricular activities to integrate learning for all students. I recently earned a B.A. from Bay Path University and I am currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Non Fiction.

As Nexus Coordinator, I support the Director, two faculty members in the instruction of College 211 (a post-internship course), the Nexus track chairs, and several academic and curricular initiatives, including the Lynk (a curriculum-to- career initiative which includes a funded internship experience) and LEAP Symposium. I also provide assistance with proposal preparation, grant stewardship, database management and reporting activities for Foundation Relations and Sponsored Research.

In addition to writing, I have a passion for painting. I have taught art classes for children two years and older through the South Hadley Recreation Department, and a Digital Storytelling summer program at the MacDuffie School in Granby, MA.

Finance and Administration - 3 seats

Teresa Azahar

Teresa Azahar, Accountant, Financial Services

My name is Teresa Azahar and I have been with the college for almost 6 years. I have worked in HR and I am now in Financial Services. I’ve been a member of Staff Council before and I am excited to be in ballot once again. In my time in Mount Holyoke I have met people from every department and I enjoy working and helping the campus community. I look forward to working hard and coordinating all the staff initiatives put forth by Staff Council.

Chris Domina

Chris Domina, Assistant Director, Landscape and Cleaning Services

In December of 1986 I started working at Facilities, (back then we were called Buildings and Grounds). I worked as a licensed plumber for two years and left the college in December of 1988. I returned to the college (Facilities) as a licensed plumber in January of 1992. During the next few years I got more involved in the union that I belonged to working at Facilities. I served on multiple contract negotiation teams and also served on the Labor Management Committee. In the year 2000 I became a union steward and served as a steward until September of 2010. On September 1st, 2010, I started a new position as manager of the Grounds Crew, Floor Crew and The Greenhouse. I have to say that I was a little uncomfortable leaving the union behind but decided that this was the best move for my family and for myself. In July of 2011, I was promoted to Assistant Director for Landscaping and Cleaning Services.

Kathy Koske

Kathy Koske, Payroll Specialist, Human Resources

My name is Kathy Koske and I am a Payroll Specialists in the Human Resources Department. I have been with Mount Holyoke College for almost a year and a half. Prior to my role at Mount Holyoke, I worked for a Payroll Company in Springfield for seven years, a distribution company for five and a printing plate manufacturer for 21 years. I have always considered myself a team player and love to be involved in other activities outside my regular duties. In my earlier career, I was part of “The Social Committee” which planned all outside social events for coworkers. For example, picnics, holiday party, trips to zoo’s, baseball games, casino and shopping trips -just to name a few.

On a personal note, I have been married for over 33 years to my husband Steve and we have lived all our life in South Hadley. My husband works in Facilities at Elms College and is a part time Fire Fighter at District Two Fire Department. We have a daughter who is an Emergency Room Nurse at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford and three dogs.

I would love the opportunity to serve on Staff Council. It will give me an opportunity to meet more members of the community. Please consider voting for me. Thank you.

Heather Tetrault

Heather Tetrault, Manager, Conference and Event Services

I am honored to have been nominated for a position on Staff Council! While I had the unexpected privilege of filling a last-minute vacancy on the Council this year, I would very much like to remain on Staff Council for my own elected term. In particular, I want to continue as the Staff Council representative on the Sustainability Steering Committee. Participating in this committee is something that is incredibly important to me, and provides an opportunity for me to integrate my environmental studies major and apply it to helping develop more sustainable practices for our community.

As a member of Conference & Event Services, I have the privilege of interacting with students, staff and faculty on a daily basis, through which I have fostered many personal and professional relationships. As a member of Staff Council I will effectively communicate staff interests and concerns, advocate for continued staff influence in campus decision-making, and explore ways to strengthen our sense of community.

I have been a member of the MHC community as student, alum, and staff member, and I am fully invested in our institution and am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to engage with staff in this forum.

Thank you for your vote!

Stacey Wikar

Stacey Wikar, Director of Purchasing, Financial Services

Stacey Wikar started at Mount Holyoke one year ago as the Director of Purchasing. She is enjoying her time here and the opportunity to assist departments with their Procurement needs. Previous positions include eleven years at Bay Path College in various positions including seven years as the Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services and four years as the Associate Director of Admissions and finally eight years at the MHEC (Mass Higher Education Consortium) in various positions including Director of Contracts and Director of Operations. Stacey possesses a Masters in Business Administration from Western New England College, a Bachelors in Business from Bay Path College, is designated as a Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official and is on the Board of Directors for the National Assoc of Educational Procurement New England chapter. Personally, Stacey enjoys spending time camping with her two teenagers and husband.

President's Office and Communications - 1 seat

Jessica Fydenkevez

Jessica Fydenkevez, Assistant Director for Analytics and Visualizations, Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

My name is Jess Fydenkevez, and I am the Assistant Director for Analytics and Visualizations with Institutional Research. I have been at MHC for one year, and believe serving on Staff Council will be great way to connect and engage with the broader Mount Holyoke community. I have been very lucky to work with many different staff and departments across campus through my role in Institutional Research, but look forward to the opportunity to meet even more community members through Staff Council. I am a self-identified data nerd, but also enjoy volunteering at the Food Bank of Western Mass, exploring local hiking trails (Mt. Toby is a favorite), and raising a service dog in training for Canine Companions for Independence. I am also an alum of a women’s high school, Stoneleigh Burnham, and was born and raised in the Pioneer Valley.

Image of Deb Garrity

Deb Garrity, Director of Web Communications and Development, Office of Communications and Marketing

I have been with Mount Holyoke for eight years and have been in the Office of Communications for seven of them. Through my work on the College website I have been fortunate to work with many colleagues all over campus through training classes and web support and I would welcome the opportunity to help advocate for them by working on staff council. I would also welcome the opportunity to meet more of the staff who work so hard to make Mount Holyoke such an inspiring place to work.  On a personal note, my husband and I have three grown children — including a daughter who is currently a Mount Holyoke student — and a Samoyed named Dusty who is helping our empty nest feel a little less empty.