Staff Council Peer Recognition Award


Staff Council recognizes that one of the College’s greatest resources is its employees. We would like to offer staff members the opportunity to recognize one of their peer colleagues whom they feel has created a positive impact on the community, has achieved a special accomplishment, goes above and beyond in respect to their work, helpfulness, and attitude with their peers or students, or has provided exceptional service to a member of the College community.


  • Staff members may be nominated by a peer, colleague, manager, or department head from their own or from another department. 
  • Last year's winners are not eligible to win this year.
  • Staff Council members are not eligible for nomination.


Winners will receive a travel mug with a matching thermos and travel case. The gift set will be accompanied by a letter from Staff Council and the statement(s) from the person(s) who nominated them for the award.

A complete list of nominees from the past two years is below.

View The Winners