Helping Johnson & Johnson develop safe, effective treatments and medical devices

Nana Dufie Addo ’05 MS

Nana Dufie Addo ’05 MS

Debbie Fazen ’04

Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Johnson and Johnson

Academic focus: chemistry major

Research group: Gomez Lab

Advanced degree: M.A., University of Scranton; Ph.D., Syracuse University

Today’s changing healthcare environment presents many exciting challenges for regulatory affairs professionals. Regulatory affairs professionals are passionate about protecting customers while ensuring that the business complies with all product-related regulations. On a typical work day, a regulatory affairs professional within the healthcare industry can partner with research & development teams on clinical trial design and pre-market approvals, connect with manufacturing teams on process and labeling, and work with sales and marketing teams on product positioning and marketing claims.

As a Regulatory Affairs Specialist for Johnson & Johnson, I have an unparalleled opportunity to work with advanced scientific technologies in a wide range of therapeutic areas. I have found that the skills I learned as a chemistry major at Mount Holyoke College are an invaluable asset for success in my career.

On a daily basis, I use my analytical skills, chemistry knowledge, and influence to advise Johnson & Johnson on regulatory requirements. In addition, my job requires excellent reading and writing skills for which I am well-equipped thanks to the liberal arts education I received at Mount Holyoke.

As a chemistry major who performed independent research with Professor Maria Gomez, I learned how to decipher complicated scientific information, ask the right questions, work well with other team members, manage multiple projects, and communicate effectively to key stakeholders.

The skills I learned as a chemistry major at Mount Holyoke are crucial to my success in regulatory affairs and vital to helping Johnson & Johnson develop safe and effective treatments and medical devices.