From chemistry major to physics and chemistry teacher

Liz MacLauchlan ’13

Liz MacLauchlan ’13

Liz MacLauchlan ’13

Teacher, Department of Science, Wilbraham and Monson Academy

Academic focus: chemistry major

Research group: Jayathilake Lab

I am working as a Physics and Chemistry teacher at Wilbraham and Monson Academy. I teach mostly physics classes including AP physics and one honors chemistry course. As well as teaching, I work as an assistant cross country and downhill ski coach.

My chemistry degree from Mount Holyoke College prepared me for teaching in many ways. I have a broad understanding of chemistry and science thanks to my undergraduate education.

I also gained a lot of experience teaching while at the Collee by working as a tutor and teaching assistant with the chemistry department. I also had the opportunity to teach the general chemistry labs at Mount Holyoke as an alum where I learned all about teaching and managing a classroom.