From biochemistry major to assistant professor of chemistry

Deana Jaber ’05 PhD

Deana Jaber ’05 PhD

Deana Jaber ’05

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Marymount University

Academic focus: biochemistry major

Research group: Hamilton Lab and Gomez Lab

Research abroad: Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases, Singapore

My job at Marymount University consists of three categories. The first is teaching general and organic chemistry courses. The second is scholarship where I work with undergraduate students on multiple research projects. And the third is service to the University and the community overall.

My chemistry background prepared me well for this position. The teaching assistant positions I held at Mount Holyoke College and the University of Maryland helped me discover my passion for teaching and got me thinking about how to become an effective educator. My research positions that I held at those two institutions, as well as, at the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases in Singapore, gave me the skills needed to develop and investigate research projects.

As a chemistry educator, I strive to use new innovative teaching techniques that will foster the student’s learning experience. My passion for both teaching and research has led me to investigate new paths to deliver the knowledge of chemistry in ways that capture the student’s attention by involving the students in their learning processes.

One can’t be an effective educator without giving back to the community. A lesson well embedded in Mount Holyoke College’s teachings. I serve as the primary organizer for the Arlington/Fairfax counties chemistry competition, "You Be the Chemist Challenge" (YBTC), which is part of a nationwide competition.

The years I spent at Mount Holyoke College, as an undergraduate student, were integral to my career success.