Computational modeling of proteins regulating heart function

Caitlin Scott '07 PhD

Caitlin Scott '07 PhD

Caitlin E. Scott ’07 PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar

Major: Chemistry

Research Group: Gomez Lab

Summer Research Internship: Gomez Lab

Employer: University of Kentucky, Chemistry Department

Currently, I am doing research at the University of Kentucky. I am learning about the protein S100A1, which helps regulate heart function, by building models of it on a computer. Using Newton's classical laws of physics, we can model how the protein behaves and moves on an atomistic scale, which we cannot see from other laboratory techniques.

I first became interested in computational chemistry research the summer after my first year at Mount Holyoke, when I did a summer internship in Prof. Maria Gomez's lab. MHC provides many opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct research and get an early introduction to the type of work that grad students and postdocs do.

Caitlin is co-organizing the first annual UK post-doctoral scholars symposium and was one of 16 women invited to the NIMBioS Workshop for Women in Mathematical Biology.