Erin Ennis ’92

Name: Erin Ennis ’92

Current Title/Profession: Senior vice president, US-China Business Council

City: Washington, D.C.

Major(s): International relations

Additional/Advanced Degrees: Master’s in international affairs, The Catholic University of America

What was your first job after MHC?: Receptionist, U.S. Senate

Favorite class/professor and why: Jonathan Lipman (Asian studies). He was not only one of my favorite professors, he was also my advisor. He made me believe that I really could do anything I set my mind to.

Talents and/or passions discovered at MHC: Lifelong learning. No matter what you think you know, there is likely more information out there that you should factor into your view of the world. Mount Holyoke taught me to know that—and how to find the answers.

What do you value most about your liberal arts education?: Liberal arts degrees are at the core of everything that I do every day: read, write, reason, explain, analyze. I left Mount Holyoke with four years of experience doing all of those things and I’ve never stopped doing them every day since then.

Why is a women’s education still relevant today?: There are plenty of ways to get an education these days, but women’s colleges continue to provide an environment where young women can thrive and learn to lead in ways in which coeducational institutions may fall short. I am the confident manager and leader that I am thanks to my Mount Holyoke education.

What do you want the world to know about MHC?: The young women attending Mount Holyoke today are going to change the world for the better, just as their predecessors did. I am continually astounded by the impressive women I graduated with—and by those who came before and after us—who give back to the world much more than they take. Mount Holyoke women prove that paying it forward benefits everyone.

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