Miriam Aschkenasy ’94

Name: Miriam Aschkenasy ’94

Current Title/Profession: Deputy director, global disaster response, Massachusetts General Hospital

City: Boston, Massachusetts

Major: Biochemistry

Additional/Advanced Degrees: MD, Sackler School of Medicine (New York and Tel Aviv Program); MPH, Harvard School of Public Health

What was your first job after MHC?: Internship in emergency medicine

Favorite class/professor and why: Dr. Lilian Hsu (biochemistry) Dr. Hsu was a role model. She was always accessible and allowed learning to be fun, creative, and exciting.

Talents and/or passions discovered at MHC: Biochemistry and squash are two skills I learned and enjoyed at MHC.

What do you value most about your liberal arts education?: It allowed me to look beyond medicine. I realized practicing medicine was a small part of the world and I could expand my skill set and play a larger role in the world. That makes me a better physician, humanizes me, and provides me important perspective in the work I do every day.

Why is a women's education still relevant today?: Sexism, racism, oppression—all of these things still exist in spades. We need to have a space to develop our skills, our activism, and our voice.

What do you want the world to know about MHC?: It is an amazing place to develop your skills, explore who you are, and create unbelievably lasting friendships and support systems.

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