Kelley “Kat” Calvin ’05

Name: Kelley “Kat” Calvin ’05

Current Title/Profession: Entrepreneur

City: Washington, D.C.

Major: Theatre

Minor: Religion

Additional/Advanced Degrees: JD, University of Michigan Law School

What was your first job after MHC?: Teach for America

Favorite class/professor and why: I loved being able to take classes at the other Five Colleges and going abroad. It was amazing that Mount Holyoke allowed me to learn from a larger world than just our campus.

Talents and/or passions discovered at MHC: At Mount Holyoke, I learned that I love bringing attention to social issues and finding solutions or inspiring others to find solutions. All of my entrepreneurial pursuits have followed that pattern.

What do you value most about your liberal arts education?: As an entrepreneur, being able constantly to educate myself, find the answers to any problem, and research, research, research, are invaluable skills. My liberal arts education has given me the ability to dive into any new subject or project with no fear because I know I’ll always be able to find the answers I need.

Why is a women’s education still relevant today?: In my field we’re facing a crisis. There are very few women in tech/STEM and most efforts to increase the numbers are falling flat. So much of this is because of a lack of role models. At a women’s college, young women are constantly surrounded by women who are successful in a variety of fields. Whether it’s their professors, alumnae, or even fellow students, you leave a women’s college knowing without a doubt that women can succeed at anything. There is no fear, and you don’t doubt your abilities.

What do you want the world to know about MHC?: Mount Holyoke is a place that rewards hard work and ambition. You get as much out of it as you put into it, and for smart, energetic, hardworking young women, there is no end to the deep education and extraordinary experiences that you can have at MHC.

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