Stéphanie Maître ’15

Image of Stéphanie Maître

Name: Stéphanie Maître ’15

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Major: Urban studies

Minor: Nexus in global business and Chinese

Campus involvement/activities: Posse scholar; V-8s a cappella group member; Community-Based Learning fellow, for which I am receiving the Sally Montgomery Award for volunteering since my sophomore year for the South Hadley Youth Commission, the City of Holyoke Office of Planning and Economic Development, and Girls Inc.; Office of Admission student worker; Office of Communications committee member. In the past I've been involved with WMHC 91.5 FM and the Mount Holyoke News.

What are you most proud of accomplishing at MHC? Choosing to come to Mount Holyoke, being a Posse scholar, studying abroad in China twice, creating my own major, being a double minor … the list goes on. But I am most proud of the relationships I have formed with the individuals I met and the empowered woman I have become during my time at MHC. Prior to college, I went to a performing arts school and thought music was all I was good at. Here, I learned that I am also a leader who cares about, and can make a positive influence on, my community.

Favorite course that you thought you might not like: As a special major, I've had the flexibility of choosing all of my courses, and whether on campus or in the Five Colleges, the plethora of options has made it so that I can take classes I know I will be intellectually stimulated by. I love that during my final semester I could take computer science, financial accounting, GIS (geographic information systems), and business Chinese—all so unique! That's the beauty of a liberal arts college—the opportunity to explore from start to finish.

Best takeaway from internship or research experiences: A liberal arts education truly puts you at a competitive advantage, and employers are looking for students with the skills gained at a liberal arts college.

Postgraduation plans: I will be spending three months in Europe. I will begin my travels backpacking through Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, and Milan, and finish by working at a summer camp in the Swiss Alps for seven weeks. Once I return to the United States, I will be moving to Chicago, where I will work for a Fortune 200 company, ITW, as a part of their Emerging Leadership Development Program in marketing and sales.

What you'd tell a prospective student about MHC: Embrace the unknown and trust the process. It took me some time to get the hang of things, but through the support of my Posse mentor, academic advisors, faculty, staff, and friends, I realized that this was the place for me. It's all about seeking help and figuring out how you fit into MHC. There is truly something for everyone here, so step out of your comfort zone and explore!