Working in International Education

Tiffany A. Goulet '97

Tiffany A. Goulet '97

Tiffany A. Goulet '97, Secondary School Counselor

Major: History, minor in Education with a certificate in Teacher Licensure

Additional Degrees: Master of Arts in History and Master of Education

Employer: Oberoi International School, Mumbai, India

When Tiffany Goulet (‘97) applied for her first job after graduating from Mount Holyoke with a BA in History/Education, little did she realize that a single course in ancient history would make such a difference in setting her apart from other candidates.

After graduation and obtaining 7-12 Social Studies Teacher Certification, she began teaching High School Social Studies for four years in Waterford CT. She then moved to Washington DC where she taught Middle School and completed her first M.A. in history at George Washington University. In 2000, she registered with Search Associates to teach overseas. Goulet then moved to Dhaka Bangladesh where she taught for four years and Dubai where she taught for two years. While there she earned a second master's degree in International Counseling from Lehigh University. Since then she has worked as a counselor in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Shanghai, China and is currently working as a teacher and counselor in Mumbai, India.

Goulet's advice for teaching in the U.S. and overseas:  Goulet's advice for teaching in the U.S. and overseas: If you want to teach in the U.S. and overseas, Goulet advises students to "get certified to teach. Student teaching was essential for preparing me to transition from curriculum to career. If you want to go into counseling, a MA in counseling is a must. Some international schools will hire you with a certificate but many will not."

"My liberal arts degree has helped me immensely", Goulet explains. "In my job as a teacher and a counselor, I deal with students, staff, parents, and university officers on a daily basis so strong communication skills are necessary. Many documents we create from scratch (tests, recommendation letters, etc) and many are shared with other professionals and parents. My job requires multi-tasking and prioritizing constantly. Because of time constraints, a lot of the documents are done quickly so it is essential that you can work efficiently." In addition, she found that her background researching and writing history papers has helped her in creating and implementing support courses for students..