Economics in the real world: Fred Moseley

Fred Moseley, Professor of Economics

Photo credit: Leah Masci, LITS webteam.

"Economics is an inherently controversial subject – always has been and always will be. That may seem depressing and difficult, but it is actually exhilarating and challenging. It means that economists don’t have all the answers and there is still important work to be done – to figure out how to address the continuing economic problems in the world today: increasing inequality between rich and poor, destruction of the environment, recurring crisis, extreme poverty in much of the world, etc. The Economics department at MHC challenges students to consider different points of view and to decide for themselves the best way to understand the complicated capitalist economy and how to make it a more inclusive economy for all." - Fred Mosely

Since he moved to Mount Holyoke from Colby College, Fred Moseley has been the most distinguished professor in the economics department, regularly invited to make presentations and deliver papers around the world (particularly in Mexico and Europe), with recommendation letters that carry a lot of influence. His course on the History of Economic Thought has always been a mainstay of the economics department and provides perspective on the diverse intellectual traditions within economics.

Next semester Professor Moseley will teach History of Thought one last time before retiring. In this era of pushing back against reactionary forces that seek to constrain our exposure to alternative ways of analyzing social change, Fred Moseley's intellectual achievements and thinking "outside of the box" have been an inspiration. Let's take full advantage of the privilege of having Professor Moseley's wisdom for one more semester, please send an email to Professor Mike Robinson if you would like to join this course.