Felicity Emerson '17

Felicity Emerson '17

Academic interests: Neuroscience and behavior     

Internship overview:
My internship involves conducting scientific research at Columbia University Medical Center.

Dr. Steven Kernie’s lab investigates adult hippocampal neurogenesis, or the birth of new neurons throughout adulthood, using a mouse model. My research project asks whether omega-3 fatty acid injections could be a suitable treatment for traumatic brain injury.

How might this internship help you after it ends?
After graduation from Mount Holyoke, I hope to pursue a PhD in neuroscience and conduct biomedical neuroscience research. This opportunity has been crucial in showing both graduate schools and myself that I am capable of conducting significant scientific research.

What has this internship opportunity meant to you?
This internship has broadened my skills and made me aware of more topics in neuroscience research. By discussing my research and and presenting it to my lab members and fellow undergraduates, I also developed scientific communication skills that are becoming ever more important for a successful scientific career. This active learning has made me a better future graduate school applicant, and will make me a better student in my remaining two years at Mount Holyoke.

The opportunity to work on fascinating research with the potential for having a substantial impact on human health has been extremely rewarding. And there is no way I would have been able to live and work in New York City for the summer without the generous support of the Amgen Foundation, which funded my internship.