Joana Hassan ’17

Joana Hassan ’17

Academic interests:  Economics and international relations

Internship overview:
I am working with the Institute of Economic Affairs in Accra, Ghana. It is Ghana's premier public policy institute and one of Africa’s most credible think tanks. The institute influences governance and economic issues in Ghana and beyond. I assist with research, and plan and participate in roundtable discussions,workshops, and conferences with stakeholders to influence policy.

Why are internships important?
I think internships are like nutrients that every student needs. I have learned more than I imagined these past weeks.

How might this internship help you after it ends?

I have improved my research knowledge and skills, communication skills, and work ethics. I have learned values that will be useful anywhere I find myself, from grad school to my first job.

What has this internship opportunity meant to you?
I see this as a lifetime experience—establishing a network, encountering role models, and being pushed to be the best I can be.