Camille Malonzo ’16

Camille Malonzo ’16

Academic interest: Computer science

Internship overview:
This summer I’m working as a software engineering intern at Google in Mountain View, California, in the Google Maps/Geo team. I code, have meetings with other engineers, and push code into Google’s production.

How did you land this internship?
One of the best parts of the computer science department at Mount Holyoke is its community. I learned about the internship from a former Google intern, Pragya Bajoria ’15,  with whom I served as copresident of the Computer Science Society. She helped me through the process of applying and connected me with recruiters from Google. And I interviewed for Google at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, a conference for women technologists that I highly recommend.

How might this internship help you after it ends?
My internship at Google gives me great opportunities to network with engineers and other tech professionals to explore the many avenues I can take my degree, my interests, and my skills.  While my plans for grad school are still to be determined, I think that I want to go straight into industry after college. Everything I’ve learned this summer, coupled with the amazing network I am gaining, will help in my job search.

What has this internship opportunity meant to you?
It’s been an amazing learning experience about computer engineering and the technology industry, and it’s also been so much fun.