From Skinner Green to Trading Desk

Tea Gongadze '12

Tea Gongadze '12

Tea Gongadze '12, Associate Portfolio Manager

Major: Economics

Nexus: Global Business

Employer: A. Gary Shilling & Co.

I work as an Associate Portfolio Manager at A. Gary Shilling & Co. On the third month of my Economic Research Analyst position at the firm, I was assigned to work with our investment management team and was thrust into a field in which I had no prior experience. My rapid understanding of this new area and my solid quantitative, communications and strong leadership skills that I honed at MHC enabled me to make valuable contributions to the team.

Trading the markets was fascinating and convinced me to further develop my regulatory and trading expertise. Now as an Associate Portfolio Manager, I am able to explore wide variety or responsibilities and tasks - starting from daily news surveillance to trading, to client portfolio management and investor relations. Since our firm is relatively small team, I am involved in the team's market research tasks, compliance and regulatory responsibilities.

MHC helped me to develop sophisticated analytical skills and prudent judgment necessary to address firm's financial and strategic concerns. I will always be grateful for our professors' guidance and mentorship, I would not be here without their support.