From Doctor to Dancer

Rebecca Malcolm-Nai '87, Adjunct Faculty

Rebecca Malcolm-Naib '87, Adjunct Faculty

Rebecca Malcolm-Naib '87, Adjunct Faculty

Major: Dance

Concentration: Choreography and Performance and Dance Science, Somatics, and Arts Therapies

Advanced Degrees: MFA in Dance, University of Washington

Employer: Dance Programs, Swarthmore College and Bryn Mawr College

I attended MHC back in 1983 because I was looking for a college that had equally strong dance and biology departments. I planned to pursue a pre-med track and take dance classes on the side.

That idea changed by my sophomore year, and I instead chose to major in dance under the incredible tutelage of Jim Coleman, Terese Freedman, and Hannah Wiley. It was a wonderful choice and perfect foundation for my future! In the ensuing years after graduation, I joined several dance companies and toured to prestigious venues around the country, co-founded a modern dance company, ran dance residency programs in schools, taught in studios and dance festivals, and performed with many independent artists.

In 1994, I decided to pursue an MFA at the University of Washington, with former MHC mentor Hannah Wiley, learning how to teach dance in higher education. I focused on crafting a human anatomy course as my thesis, bringing full circle my love of dance and science.

Since then, I've been a faculty member at Kent State University and the University of Washington, and currently teach dance technique and human anatomy at Bryn Mawr College and Swarthmore College.

The dance program at MHC nurtured and launched my multi-faceted career in dance. I am so grateful!

About Rebecca Malcolm-Naib '87: Malcolm-Naib danced extensively with ZeroMoving Dance Company and Battery Dance Company (NY), among others. She was Co-founder and Co-Director of Travesty Dance Group from 1997-2010. Her choreography has been performed in Cleveland, Seattle, Philadelphia, Maine, Toronto, Houston, and New York City. She has also taught Masters level classes at several U.S. colleges and universities, and at Bates Dance Festival's Young Dancers Workshop. Malcom-Naib. She graduated summa cum laude and Phil Beta Kappa from Mount Holyoke College.