"We Didn't Start the Fire": The United States Since 1945 (HIST-283)

Elizabeth Eckford attempting to enter Little Rock School.

Elizabeth Eckford attempting to enter Little Rock School. 4 Sept 1957, Image licensed for fair use courtesy of Will Counts, Arkansas Democrat Newspaper

Instructor: Professor Czitrom

Explore the history you never got to in high school. Gain a clearer and more confident understanding of how America’s current political, cultural, and social landscapes have been shaped and re-shaped since the Second World War. Delve into primary and secondary sources generated by the Cold War with the Soviet Union; the anti-communist movement in the U.S.; the economic boom of the 1945-1980 era; the emergence of "the Movement" that challenged American apartheid; the Vietnam War and the mass protests against it; the rise of rock'n'roll and youth culture; the origins and impact of second wave feminism; the conservative backlash against Sixties liberation movements. The course will also feature a documentary film series and the opportunity for students to write a research paper on the topic of their choice.

Highlight image: Elvis Presley, full-length portrait, performing onstage, 1956. Image from Prints and Photographs Online Catalog, Library of Congress. Image from storage.canoe.ca