Professional Journey through the Lens of Mount Holyoke

A Zin Oo '06, Senior Index Manager

A Zin Oo ’06, Senior Index Manager

Major: Biochemistry Minor: Economics

Advanced Degrees: Master of Science, University of Washington

Employer: S&P Dow Jones Indices

Mount Holyoke education has served me well all my years beyond graduation. A rigorous curriculum, deeply engaged faculty and extremely diverse and resourceful student body created many learning opportunities and pushed me beyond the areas that I would have normally considered or experienced. Through Biochemistry and Sciences program, I was able to master analytical and quantitative skills as well as gain independent research experience, which helped me in my summer internships at major pharmaceutical companies such as Genzyme and Pfizer, in my early years.

As a result of liberal arts curriculum, I happened to have taken an interest in economics and finance when taking classes and doing projects with Econ majors and international students from all over the world. I was exposed to different ways of thinking and approaches to doing things. Learning did not end at graduation, and Mount Holyoke put me on a good path.

After a graduate education at the University of Washington, I pursued a career in finance and earned a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) professional designation. My career spans across fixed income portfolio management, bond analytics, index management and deep product coverage in corporate and municipal bonds at AIG Asset Management, Deutsche Bank (Prime Finance Project) and S&P Dow Jones Indices.

As Mary Lyon said "Go where no one else will go. Do what no one else will do", I found that sentiment resonated in me in many ways.