Legal and Public Health Services Research in Argentina and Spain

Emma Walters '15

Emma Walters ’15, Student Researcher

Major: Spanish and Politics

Honors Thesis: Beyond the Assault: Sexual Violence, Victim Support, and the State

Awards: Fulbright Grant

The study of the language has been a part of my education since I learned to talk, but when I decided to pursue a Spanish minor - and then major - I had no idea it would change my professional and personal goals. As an avid feminist and political enthusiast, Spanish has introduced new perspectives and helped me explore new interests.

When it was time to spend a semester abroad, I decided to study post-assault services for victims of sexual violence in Argentina. The project did not finish when I returned to college, and I was able to continue the research for my senior honors thesis. My Spanish skills once again came in use when talking and understanding diverse populations of practitioners and survivors.

When it came time to think about life after Mount Holyoke, my Spanish major once again guided me in a new direction. Beginning in September, I will be continuing my research on the legal and public health services for victims of sexual violence on a Fulbright Grant in Madrid, Spain. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to develop the skills that I learned at Mount Holyoke.

The Spanish department not only encouraged me through every phase of the process but provided me with a facility and understanding of Spanish and Latina/o culture, history, language and politics that allowed me to pursue opportunities I never thought possible.